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Bagarstuga i 1700-talsstil på Oklagård

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  • Date: 2020-01-22 12:34
  • Area: Ockelbo
Welcome to enjoy primitive luxury on an little romantic Swedish homestead, new built in an old style in the countryside.
You live in the old-time double cottage and all around you there are timber buildings from different time epochs and a recently build Stave Church.

Oklagård is located 10 km outside of Ockelbo has been built up since 1977 by one single man, the house lord -and with help from his wife of course!
Oklagård is getting more and more attention, not least from a touristic point of view, for the medieval chapel, guiding tours and cultural events.
Feel very welcomed to a place where history meets "Saga"

In the double cottage there is a little room with dubble beds, (with space for a possible cot which can be borrowed) and a bigger room with a singel bed, a coach bed for a child and dubble loft bed. Observe that the loft bed is rather closed to the ceiling and is reached by an indoor ladder.

Oklagård is open for guiding tours and cultural events during summertime.

It is also possible to look around at the homestead -just talk to the host.

Night guests is offered to take part in the daily guiding tour for 20% off the regular price and get a reduction for the event "Guiding tour and fäbod-breakfast". For more information see "visitgavle.se" under "activities" or call 076 2118621