Toppbild gran


Send a #bockogram to the world’s most famous straw goat!

Surprise the Gävle Goat on his 50th birthday and send him a birthday wish in the shape of a bockogram (goat greeting).

Write a message, take a picture or why not record your greeting and send a short video? Publish the greeting on Instagram or Twitter and don’t forget to hashtag #bockogram so that the Gävle Goat can enjoy all his birthday wishes during the Birthday Party on the 27th of November. Please note that you need to have a public Instagram profile in order for the Gävle Goat to see your bockogram.

Psst! The Gävle Goat has friends in more than 120 countries all over the world. Please let him know where your #bockogram is sent from!


*By participating in this campaign and using the hashtag #bockogram, you agree to the fact that your pictures may be used for commercial purposes.