Toppbild gran

Watch how the Gävle Goat is built

The straw is carefully put together by hand, and slowly, a wooden skeleton is transformed into a golden goat - the symbol for the City of Gävle.


Follow the building of the Gävle Goat! 12, 000 knots and 1, 200 meters of timber are turned into to the finished product: a magnificent straw goat, 13 meters tall and 7 meters long.

On the first of Advent, as usual, the world's largest straw goat will be inaugurated on Slottstorget (Castle Square) in Gävle. However, the building of the goat begins much earlier.

Watch how the straw mats are tied onto the wooden frame of the Gävle Goat.


See the third and final part about how the Gävle Goat is built. On the first of Advent, the world's largest straw goat is inaugurated.

The Gävle Goat is inaugurated! As usual, Eje Berglund made the fireworks to celebrate Christmas and the first of Advent in Gävle.