Julen börjar i Gävle

The Gävle Goat – a global Christmas symbol


For over 50 years, the 13 meters tall, 7 meters long, and 3 tons heavy Gävle Goat has been a given Christmas feature in Gävle. Each year on the first of Advent, he is inaugurated on Slottstorget. In 2015, the inauguration ceremony attracted over 15,000 visitors! Thereafter, hundreds of thousands of admirers from 120 different countries followed the goat’s dangerous life via webcam, Twitter and Instagram.


On Sunday the 27th of November, friends of the Gävle Goat are gathered once again on Slottstorget, this time in order to celebrate his 50th birthday. Come along and delight him with your presence, and make his 50th birthday party an unforgettable memory!