Toppbild gran


The Gävle Goat – a Global Christmas Symbol


For 50 years, the 13 meters tall, 7 meters long, and 3 tons heavy Gävle Goat has been a given Christmas feature in Gävle. Each year on the first of Advent, he is inaugurated on Slottstorget (Castle Square). In 2016 the goat turned 50 years old and the inauguration ceremony attracted over 18,000 visitors! 


The goat building process has already started and just in time for the first of Advent, our proud goat will have risen on Castle Square. This year, the inauguration is on the 3rd of December, but if you want to see more of the Gävle goat before that, have a look at the Swedish TV-documentary Julen börjar i Gävle – en bockumentär.