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Therapeutic riding

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  • Date: 2019-05-19 13:04
  • Area: Sandviken
To ride on a horse has healing effects, especially for people with handicaps or who need rehabilitation for example after a sickness or an accident. Therapeutic riding helps to train body, muscles, balance a.s.o

Horses with their calm, social, friendly and patient personalities, with the steady rhythm of their body movements, with the warmth and softness of their bodies help to heal something in us human beings. In our bodies, spirits and souls.

Come and experience healing on a bareback horsebackriding trip through the forest. Experience to feel save and comfortable on the back of those wonderful animals, experience to feel as being one with horse and nature. I'm going to lead the horse all the time and walk beside. In case you can't keep yourself without help on horseback one of your parents or an assistant would have to join us and hold you.

Our horses are very gentle, social, reliable and they love people.

Available year round, in juli and august only until 8.00 a.m. and after 9.00 p.m. due to horse fly plague!

Max. weight rider 90 kg.

I'm graduated social worker and have been dealing with horses my entire life.

Good to know

  • Opening times: monday to friday
  • Price from: 700