World Cup Volt Hockey

World Cup Volt Hockey

World Cup Volt Hockey will be played 16-18 September 2022 in Gavlehov Arena in Gävle.

World Cup Volt Hockey is the world's largest and for the first time unique electric hockey competition. The event premieres in earnest in Gävle 2022 when all nations will gather for the first time in world history. After two Pregames and an advanced implementation in the last two years, the host city of Gävle is more than charged to welcome the world elite of electric hockey to Sweden. The tournament is played where you have gathered everything in one place, at Gavlehov in Gävle, which houses everything a sports facility can imagine.

A warm welcome to the World's most welcoming, inclusive and innovative tournament.

Electric hockey at its best, in top world class in one of Sweden's most modern sports facilities, where we now proudly welcome you to the World Cup Volt Hockey 2022.

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Your contribution is crucial - To be able to make World Cup Volt Hockey in the class the event deserves possible, we need your support.
The long-term goal of World Cup volt Hockey is to showcase sports and strengthen more associations and initiators in the activities for people with disabilities. The ultimate goal is for the activities to be more and better.
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World Cup Volt Hockey will later be played in 2-4 classes (according to difficulty), each class offers a total of eight teams, with two groups in each class where all teams advance to both A and B finals. The competition management reserves the right to place the teams in the various divisions based on quality and previous qualifications and to, if necessary, limit the number of participating teams to try to enable at least 6 matches for all teams.
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League Two
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