Julen börjar i Gävle - Foto Gävle kommun

Start Christmas with the Gävle Goat

On Sunday 28 November at 15:00, Gävlebocken will be inaugurated with pomp and circumstance on Slottstorget. On stage are the artists Loreen and Tusse. Colin Nutley and Helena Bergström inaugurate and the author and stand-up comedian Hans Carstensen holds the program together this year as this year's conferences.

But the first Advent offers so much more in Gävle. In addition to eating well and shopping for Christmas presents, there are lots of experiences here. Everything near the place where the inauguration takes place. Keep in mind that there is limited traffic in some places during the day. Feel free to take a walk or go by public transport. Have you ever ridden a real gingerbread train? Do not miss the Railway Museum's cozy Christmas train that runs between Uppsala and Gävle this day.

Inauguration of Gävlebocken

Click on the image to the left to read all about Gävlebocken's inauguration and the program on Slottstorget's stage.

Do not miss the activities in Slottsparken before and during Gävlebocken's inauguration! Between 13: 00-14: 30 you can meet Santa Claus, Elsa and Anna from Frost and Tiundaland's Guardians who perform a tournament with their horses. Gävle Tourist Center, Bro Burger Food truck, Bilbolaget, Söderhamn's parachute club, the Swedish Lottery Corps, the Red Cross and a UF company from Bessemerskolan are also on site between 13: 00-16: 00.

Find more Christmas activities in Gävle during Gävlebocken's inauguration

Here is a map where you can see what happens when Christmas begins in Gävle. Further down this page you can read more about the different activities.

The Gingerbread Train

On November 28, the Gingerbread train goes from Uppsala to Gävle and again after the buck inauguration. The train is also open to visitors during the day on the platform in Gävle. Coffee and surprises are on board.

Christmas fair in the Gas Bells

Fairs since 1984, in recent years in the rustic environment of the Gas Bells. The association's own and invited craftsmen are on site for visitors. Here you will find ceramics, hobo handicrafts, silversmithing, carpets, kurbits, wood, textiles, food crafts and more.

Christmas in prison

At the Swedish Prison Museum, the large Christmas tree glitters in the old prison throughout December, as it did in the middle of the 20th century. In a small exhibition, we let the prison chaplain tell in his own words about what it was like to celebrate Christmas at the prison in Gävle. Christmas was a welcome break for the prisoners in an otherwise monotonous everyday life that had elements of both tears and laughter.

The County Museum's gingerbread house

Every year, a copy of one of the world's largest and most beautiful gingerbread houses is built at the County Museum. The Gingerbread House will be inaugurated, as will Gävlebocken on 28 November. It only takes a few minutes between Länsmuseet and Gävlebocken, so you have time to see both.

Skating rink outdoors

Skate in the middle of the city. At Rådhustorget in the middle of central Gävle, all you have to do is lace up your skates and go a few laps. Guaranteed Christmas atmosphere!