Souvenir distributors

Find your souvenirs from Gävle!


Would you like to bring home a memory from Gävle or perhaps buy a gift for someone else? Below is a list of shops and restaurants in Gävle city where you can find local souvenirs. They sell everything from fire blankets to cuddly toy goats and breakfast trays!

Please note however that not all distributors have the same supply of souvenirs. Contact the shop directly to find out more.


  • Elon/Söders El, Södra Kungsgatan 6, 801 37 Gävle
  • Restaurant Sarahs, Slottstorget 5, 802 50 Gävle
  • Hälsolivs, Södra Kungsgatan 13, 802 51 Gävle
  • Lisas blommor, Drottninggatan 9, 803 20 Gävle (Bottom floor of the Gallerian Nian mall)
  • Systrarna Erenlöf, Drottninggatan 25, 803 11 Gävle
  • Kahls The & Kaffehandel, Nygatan 21, 803 20 Gävle (Inside the Flanör mall)
  • Klackbaren, Norra Slottsgatan 6, 803 20 Gävle
  • The County Museum of Gävleborg, Södra Strandgatan 20, 801 28 Gävle

Of course, you can also buy your souvenirs directly at Gävle Tourist Centre, Södra Skeppsbron 15, 802 84 Gävle, or via the webshop here at visitgävle.se.