Axmar bruk hyttan - Foto Tomas Arlemo

Axmar bruk ironworks - 350 years

Visit Axmar bruk this summer

In the old mill of Axmar, history is preserved in the shape of a well-kept blast furnace with two ovens and a park with ruins from the first mill, used in the 1670's.

The mill was founded in 1671. Russian troops destroyed it in 1721, but it was rebuilt. The remaining blast furnace is from the 1860's, an imposing monument that reminds us of our iron mill history. 

The remaining English park is still well-kept and definitely worth a visit, since it too reminds us of a long lost age of luxury and elegance. In the park there are ponds and canals, and the blossoming green area with its system of waterways is the perfect place for a picnic. On a small island, there is a bower which has become the symbol of Hyttan, the association that takes care and preserves the mill today. Since 2011, Axmar is a cultural preserve.

In 2021, Axmar bruk celebrates its 350th anniversary. Visit our website for updated information about events and activities.

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This is Axmar Bruk

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