CBIS 4941670
CBIS 4941670

Biking in snow – experience the floating feeling of riding a fatbike

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  • Date: 2020-10-30 07:57
  • Area: Ockelbo
A different way of moving around in the wintery scenery. The broad tires will take you far out in the Swedish countryside. All is quiet, not a sound can be heard except for your own breathing and the creaking of the tires as they meet the snow. Embark on a joyful, different and challenging trip around the beautiful surroundings of Gästrikland.

Use fatbikes – mountainbikes especially adapted for snow – to bike on prepared trails.

The bikes have disc brakes and multiple gears, adapted to run smoothly over rough terrain.
Our fatbikes are available in different sizes, but you need to be at least 140 centimetres tall in order to ride.

Biking in snow is a pulse-pounding experience that will keep you warm in the cold and wintery scenery.

Bike on marked and prepared trails or rent a GPS in order to navigate around the beautiful nature of northern Gästrikland.

Please note that you need to choose where to collect the bike. Free delivery is available to either Jädraås Herrgård or Ninjas in Ockelbo. This is set up in the booking step called "Extras". After your booking has been made, we will contact you and agree on what time to deliver the bike(s). Bikes are available between 8am-6pm or according to personal agreement.

Please also note that there is only one GPS available. However, you only need one GPS per group.