Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle
Orrspel från gömsle

Black grouse lek from a hide

  • Date: 2023-06-02 14:49
  • Area: Sandviken
It is impressive to experience the black grouse lek up close. The cocks display and sounds
are a wonderful outdoor experience. From our hide you are given a good chance to study /
photograph their display.

In the dim light, the first black grouse cocks usually come in. You hear the wing beats and when they land, you may even see them. They have their appointed places and take their positions to start the lek. During the lek, they blow and launch at each other, run around with their wings hanging, spread out the tail and fight in close combat against the other cocks. It's a fantastic spectacle with incredible plays.

The lek begins early in the spring, and if you are lucky even the hen grouse may come to the playground. They usually stay on the outskirts and are later visited by the victorious cock grouse. The lek takes place every morning for a couple of months for up to 2-3 hours. When the morning begins to end, the lek usually ends and the grouse fly up and sit in the trees.
- In recent seasons, black grouse have been seen on 95% of the trips. In total there have been at least 12-18 cocks and 3-8 hens sometimes.
Species (in addition to black grouse) that have been seen are buzzards, goshawks, cranes and tracks of fox and lynx.

The grouse are at the closest 3-7 meters from the hide. Some play about 15-25 metres from the hide.

For photography, the 100-400 mm lens works well. Of course, it is also good to use simpler equipment, such as pocket / mobile camera.

- The hides are made of fabric, with spruce branches on the ground and then a groundsheet on top. There are bean bags for 2 cameras.

- In the sitting hide there are 2 chairs with backrests and warming sheepskin.
- It's not allowed to get out of the hide because you will scare away the grouse. A pee bucket for emergency is in the hide.
- Our hides have 4 seats (2 in laying hide and 2 in sitting hide)

- We gather in Wild Nordic Gallery, 2 hours before sunrise.

- We are going by car around 10 km and then 200 metres on foot over the bog.
- You will be transported to the hides and picked up of the guide.

This activity is done on nature's terms and there is no guarantee of what we will see / hear / experience.

Organiser: Wild Nordic