Spelate från Brynäs IF poserar i en lagbild framför Gävlebocken - Foto Daniel Bernstål

Brynäs IF live in SHL

In Gävle is Brynäs IF - one of Sweden's most popular ice hockey teams. Brynäs IF is a long-standing association with as many as 13 Swedish Championship golds. Watch hockey live - the best way to experience your favorite team. A holistic experience with pulse, atmosphere, good food and hockey.

Monitor ERP Arena is a cashless arena. The arena has a total of 22 wheelchair spaces.

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From Gävle center there are excellent communications, and you can get to the arena in 7 minutes. For home matches, there is a specially used bus up to Monitor ERP Arena. The bus number is 13 and it stops at the stop at the bottom towards Gavleån. The bus starts running about two hours before the match and then goes in shuttle traffic up to the arena. Taking the car is also convenient as there is a large free car park around the arena. Please note that there is a parking fee as it is an SHL match in the arena.

If you travel from another city, it is easy to get to Gävle by train, bus and car. Gävle is located where E4, E16 and Riksväg 76 meet, and you can easily find Gävle and Gavlehov / Monitor ERP Arena. There are also excellent train connections from the north, south and west.

Distance to Monitor ERP Arena

80 minutes from Stockholm, 60 minutes from Arlanda, 40 minutes from Uppsala, 60 minutes from Falun, 60 minutes from Västerås, 120 minutes from Sundsvall.

Food & drink in the arena

7,909 people when full, eat and drink well, best recharge!

The main restaurant | Plan 2

Choose from three different table options; in the heart of the restaurant, at one of the lovely window tables or out on the terrace directly adjacent to the pulse of the grandstand and the game on the ice.

Logebuffén | Plan 2

For those of you who are part of a lodge company, it is our famous lodge buffet that is served a couple of hours before the drop-off.

Skybar | Plan 3

In the bar's absolute center are just over 200 unnumbered places where it is first come, first served every match. Once there, you can sit and enjoy both food and drink in direct connection with the match.

Tacobuffé | Plan 1

Heaven for families with children and the generally taco-hungry. Eat as much as you can of Sweden's favorite dish number one.

Kiosk offer | Plan 1 & 3

Monitor ERP Arena has a wide range of kiosks around the arena. The kiosks serve simple snacks such as sausages and coffee.

Opening hours

Monitor ERP Arena's restaurant, Skybar and lodges open two hours before the start of the match, for other visitors the arena opens one and a half hours before the match. The food is removed and stops served when the match starts - so make sure to be here well in advance of the drop.

After the match, you are welcome up to the arena's sky bar for an after party. Skybar has live music after every Thursday, Friday and Saturday match.


Are you coming to Gävle to see your team meet Brynäs IF?

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