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Champions cup 2019

Floorball Champions Cup - come and see world's best club teams compete in Gävle! 

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the Top 4 ranked European Club teams. The tournament is played in January as a Final 4 event with 4 teams for both men and women (8 teams in total).


Join the newly built venue Gavlehov, which hosts the Champions Cup 3-4 January 2019.

Thursday 3 January 2019
10:00 SB Pro Nurmijärvi - 1.SC Tempish Vitkovice
13:00 Classic - Floorball Köniz
16:00 IKSU - Piranha Chur
19:00 Storvreta IBK - Technology Florbal MB

Friday 4 January 2019
10:00 Women 3rd place game 
13.00 Men 3rd place game
16.00 Women final
19.00 Men final

All game times are subject to change.


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