Fäbod Week Gävle

During Fäbod Week in Gävleborg, you can take part in a variety of activities. The week aims to, among other things, highlight climate-smart food production, biodiversity, and local traditions. With knowledge of traditional methods, we can also strengthen our civil preparedness. Welcome from July 1st to July 7th.


Fäbod Week offers a wonderful opportunity to explore and celebrate the traditional use of summer pasture farms, where we can discover and learn more about how food was produced in the past. In our county, there are several active summer pasture farms that open their doors to welcome visitors. We hope that even more people get the chance to experience the summer pasture farm life and gain a deeper understanding of our animals and our history.

During Fäbod Week, you can participate in various activities such as courses, workshops, hikes, and lectures to deepen your knowledge of the cultural heritage of summer pasture farms.

The activities during Fäbod Week will take place at various summer pasture farms primarily in Gävleborg County but also in other counties with summer pasture farms, giving you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful nature and culture of the region.

Good to know:
Child-friendly and suitable for all ages
For the program and more information, visit: lansstyrelsen.se/gavleborg/fäbodveckan

Summer Pasture Farm Day at Häckelsängs Summer Pasture Farms
Saturday, July 6th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Coffee service and open buildings throughout the day.

1:00 PM: Opening speech by the Häckelsängs Circle followed by kulning (traditional Swedish herding calls) and singing by Åsa Larsson. Then, there will be a quiz walk and tasting of traditional foods: sooty cakes, herring packets, onion herring, calf dance (a traditional Swedish dessert), cheesecakes, home-baked bread, etc.
2:30 PM: Performance by Åsa Larsson: Songs and stories about summer pasture farm life based on old pasture songs.
3:30 PM: Fairy tales and legends with Richard Schill, Gävleborg County Museum.
4:00 PM: Closing.

Free admission. Welcome!

Organizers: Häckelsängs Circle, Gävleborg Summer Pasture Farm Association, Gävleborg County Administrative Board, and Gävleborg County Museum, with the support of Gävle Municipality.

Special needs
Child friendly
Free admission
Close to nature Forest area

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01 July 2024
Fäbod Week Gävle 01 July 2024 - 08:00
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