Teckning som barn har ritat - Sätragårdens förskola

Christmas drawings warming

The children's drawings spread the Christmas spirit.

Gävle municipality has taken the initiative to spread joy and warmth across generational boundaries in the municipality's activities. In November, the children at several preschools, which are adjacent to nursing homes, received a letter from Gävlebocken. On the postcard was a wish for warming drawings that could spread the Christmas spirit in care and nursing homes.

That Gävlebocken was attacked is both sad and terrible. But we are happy that the goat managed to help spread joy. Through this initiative, children in the municipality got to be involved and put a golden edge on the Christmas celebration at our homes, says Gävlebocken's spokesperson Rebecca Steiner.

The initiative to draw drawings that would then benefit others was welcomed with open arms by the preschools.

The children's desire to create, paint and draw is a big part of the development of the aesthetic abilities. The children really enjoyed being able to help Gävlebocken and there were many nice conversations around it and around Christmas, says AnnaCarin Fasting, studio artist at Sätragården's preschool.

During week 50, the children's drawings were delivered to all care and nursing homes, both municipal and private.

The residents were very happy about the nice drawings. This in turn led to me getting a suggestion that we would sign up during our Christmas activity on Friday. Great how you can inspire each other across generational boundaries, says Maria Rask, cultural coordinator at Forellplan's care and nursing home.

The initiative has been a collaboration between different sectors within Gävle municipality. In the film, you can see how the children at the preschool Sätragården draw drawings, and how some of the customers at Forellplan react when they get to see the pictures.