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Hiking along the church track

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    2020-10-31 00:00 - 2020-12-31 00:00
  • Area: Gävle
No matter what season, the area around Hedenstugan Bed and Breakfast Hotel offers an unbeatable natural experience with several hiking trails in untouched nature and fish-rich waters. There are also small cabins and dining options within walking distance.

For hundreds of years the shortest communications route for residents of Axmarby when they wanted to get to Bergby was the church track, by shortest, we are talking about approx. 10 kms. This was the track taken during the summers and the winters when people went to church. It is 8 kms long and stretches from Österhed’s chapel to Axmarby missionary chapel.

As a hiker, what you will see is the fantastic nature with dense spruce and pine forests and undulating forest landscape. The track also takes you across marshes and open agricultural areas as well as several old charcoal stacks.

You start your walk along the track at the Hedenstugan B&B Hotel and you then walk along the well-marked trail to Axmarby, or walk along a part of the church track, and then on the way back you go through Hådells gammalskog (ancient woodland) which is also a nature reserve. At Hådell’s there is a rest area (hut), a campfire site and a path (about 800 m long).

The church track and Hådells gammalskog offer a unique and varied forest landscape, characterized by a distinct balance between wildlife and nature.