Kvinna med ansiktsmask för fångar. Foto Sveriges Fängelsemuseum.

Weekend trip to Gävle during the Autumn Holidays

Bring the whole family and enjoy the autumn holidays during a cozy weekend in Gävle! Close to Stockholm and Arlanda Airport - just 60 minutes by train from Arlanda - and with lots of things to do for both children and adults. On this page, we have collected a number of tips on how you can set up a weekend in Gävle during the autumn holidays, but of course you decide for yourself what your stay will look like. Don't forget to book accommodation and activities in advance to make your trip as good as possible. Welcome to Gävle!

Start off your holiday with a cozy Friday in Gävle

Arrive to Gävle on Friday and make the most of it immediately. Here are some of our best tips for a Friday with children in Gävle. Start at Sweden's Prison Museum and learn more about Sweden's dark history, then go on to the DOME Adrenaline Zone and jump your heart out so that you will be really hungry in time for the Friday dinner which is taken at the Church Street Saloon. Read more about each place below.

12 noon: Locked up in Gävle - Swedish Prison Museum

Discover the dark side of Swedens' history in the different parts of the Swedish Prison Museum. The castle prison and the cell prison have a lot to tell. It's nice to hold someone's hand when things can get a little scary.

3 pm: Get your adrenaline going

Challenge the family with physical activities or find your own different favorites. At the DOME Adrenaline Zone, there is something for everyone. The Dome is Northern Europe's largest indoor arena for extreme sports and here you can try everything from trampolines to kick bikes, skateboards and climbing.

7 pm: Wild west in the middle of Gävle - dinner at Church Street Saloon

At the cowboy-inspired restaurant Church Street Saloon, you are allowed to throw peanut shells directly on the floor. It's naughty, we know! There are also dishes with flavors and aromas from North America, country music and maximum desserts.


Take an evening stroll straight across Stortorget and step into Hotel Clarion Hotell Winn. Before it's time to crawl into bed for the night, you can take a dip in the pool as a finishing activity.


After a tasty hotel breakfast, you are ready to take on Saturday's activities, with or without a disguise. Read below for our tips for things to do on autumn holiday Saturday in Gävle. Forsbacka Bruk, one of Gävle's old ironworks, turns into a Halloween paradise (or hell?) during the month of October and hosts Haunted Halloween, one of Sweden's scariest horror walks. Less scary in daylight? Perhaps. During the day, it is possible to book the same experience for those who don't really dare to let themselves be frightened after the encroachment of darkness. The beautiful surroundings around the mill with its historic wings are suitable for the whole family.

10 am: Get yourself in the right Halloween mood at Kalas & co

Get ready and find the right feeling for the day. Did you bring your own costume or are you happy with just a little blood in the corner of your mouth? No matter what, at Kalas & co you will find Norrland's largest selection of Halloween gear!

12 noon: Get scared - if you dare!

What is coming to life in the old ironworks? Taking the ghost walk "Haunted Halloween Kids" in Forsbacka in daylight makes it sufficiently scary for everyone in the family. For the braver adults, an (even) scarier hike is also offered in the evening when darkness has set in...


Walk through the industrial park to Forsbacka Wärdshus, which received their first guests as early as the 18th century. Enjoy dinner and rest to recharge for next morning's breakfast and new adventures.

Psst! Did you know that the Astrid Lindgren character Madicken has danced here?!


So cozy! Finish the weekend among carousels and animals, pumpkins and ghouls. Our last tip for your autumn holiday is a full day at Furuviksparken, which comes to life during the month of October and undergoes a total transformation when it turns into a Halloween world. In the events calendar here at VisitGävle.se you will find even more tips on events and activities in Gävle during the autumn holidays and for the rest of the year. See you again soon!

11:00 Såhär har ni aldrig sett parken förut!

Massor av nyheter under Halloween i Furuviksparken. Det finns tydligen varulvar i lemurhänget. Hur många skelettdelar kan du hitta där? Se Pelle Svanslös och hans vänner i en kuslig spökshow! Blir det ”Buuus eller godis”? Avsluta besöket med att gå i parad och ett dansa loss på ett lagom läbbigt disco.