Ett par i förgrunden har picknick och tittar ut över en sjö en höstdag.
Lummig skogsstig på Limön. Foto: Twist and Shout.

Outdoor weekend in Gävle


5 pm

Check-in at Best Western Hotel City


10 am

Walk the Norrlandet trail to the mountain of Gråberget and enjoy the views.

2 pm

Forsbacka Wärdshus - enjoy the weekend menu and take a walk in the brukspark, a reminiscent from the ironworks era.

5 pm

Check-in at Hedesunda Camping.

8 pm

Let's hope the fish are biting! Go fishing for pike and zander in the Dalälven river.

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10 am

Paddling in the Färnebofjärden National Park.

2 pm

Hike parts of the Gästrikeleden trail from Hedesunda to Hemlingby.

6 pm

Visit Billudden and enjoy the magnificent sea buckthorn shrubs.