Ett par i förgrunden har picknick och tittar ut över en sjö en höstdag.
Lummig skogsstig på Limön. Foto: Twist and Shout.

Outdoor weekend in Gävle

A warm welcome to Gävle! It is close to here from Stockholm and Mälardalen. Welcome to enjoy a weekend with nature as experience and playground. Gävle has many different faces and you can take part in some of them. Experience the city's parks, deep forests and waterscapes as well.

Relaxation close to nature as a Friday cozy

Start your weekend in Gävle by enjoying nature right next to the city and the hotel for the night. With an evening walk as the start of the weekend, you lay a fine foundation for what awaits you in terms of nature experiences.

Stroll around and find the holiday tranquility in Gävle's green lung

Gävle's city park was planted in the middle of the 19th century. A stone's throw from the hotel is the Stadsträdgården and Boulongerskogen, which together are one of the largest in the country. This green oasis is popularly known as Boulongern and is characterized by tall pines, meadows and the proximity to Gavleån. Enjoy the art that is all around.

Best western hotel – city location close to nature

Check in at the hotel, which is a stone's throw from your walk in Boulongern and right next to the pulse of the city. When Friday night is over, you sleep well and when you wake up there is a lovely and energetic breakfast buffet laid out to lay the foundation for all the day's adventures.

From coast to river – nature experiences by water

Lace up those comfortable shoes that will see you through the day that will be spent by and around water. The day begins at Gävle Bay with a hike that gives a magical view and then continues with both stream and river to end with the desired fishing luck.

Coastal nature experience along the coastal path up Gråberget

Hike out on the open rocks and outcrops, enjoy the peculiar environment and magnificent view in the place between the old fishing villages of Bönan and Utvalnäs. The fact that Gråberget was a military protection area until 1997 has strongly contributed to the area retaining high natural values and to the fact that it has not been built up to the extent of the rest of the coastline.

Enjoy a weekend menu and stroll in the utility park

Let yourself be tasted at Forsbacka Wärdshus, which already received guests in the 18th century. Perhaps you begin or end your visit with a walk in the mill park with buildings that bear witness to the old ironworks. Forsbacka mill, dating back to the 16th century, is located very beautifully where the water of Storsjön flows further into Gavleån.

Live - and just be in the middle of nature

Check in here on the Island in the middle of the river where wild nature meets the park character of the place, Hedesunda camping An ideal place for swimming and fishing or just quiet relaxation. Enjoy on the restaurant's large terrace that looks out over the Dalälven. Take out the map of the vast river landscape and plan for a trip on the water. Maybe by boat, canoe or on a SUP.

Surely the fish are nibbling?! Fishing for pike, perch and zander in the lower Dalälven

As a final evening activity, it is perfect to pick up the fishing gear and take part in a 20-mile, exciting and varied fishing area. The river alternately consists of large lakes/bays rich in trout that are separated by streams and rapids. The species richness is unusually large with around 30 species of fish. Here there is always the chance to catch really big fish!

Scenic activities as a weekend

After a good night's sleep, you are ready for new adventures. We have prepared a bunch of nature experiences out of the ordinary to end the weekend. Pack your backpack and head off, national parks and nature reserves await.

Paddle in the Färnebofjärden National Park – a magnificent nature experience

The national park is perhaps best experienced from the water. Bring your own or rent a kayak or Canadian from one of the rental companies. Glide silently forward and enjoy the magnificent nature. From the water, you have great opportunities to see sea eagles, ospreys and great loons. In the evening the beavers come out and especially in August there is a good chance of seeing them.

Hike along the Gästrikelenden - experience the tracks of Järnriket

You can choose how much of the Gästrikeleden you want to experience. It is a long circular trail of approximately 28 miles and approximately 10 miles of connecting trails, cross trails and shorter circular loops. Along the entire trail there are visible traces of the importance of iron handling for this part of the country, the fact that our place has been named Järnriket Gästrikland becomes clear.

Visit Billudden - hike among extensive sea buckthorn thickets

Here, at the place just east of the mouth of the Dalälven, Uppsalaåsen disappears into the sea. Like a dragon's back, Billudden rises slowly out of the sea. Thanks to the ever-increasing uplift of the land, new land rises and on the "fresh" shores Europe's largest stock of sea buckthorn grows.
If you are not afraid of the thorns, you can pick the healthy orange berries with you to make your own sea buckthorn jam - which is suitable both for the cheese tray and for baked goods.