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Seal/sea eagle safari in the Axmar Bruk Archipelago.

Outside of Axmar Bruk lies a completely untouched archipelago. No summer cottages or jet skis. Well, almost no boat traffic. Silence prevails. Join certified nature guide Jan Stagenmark as he takes you on an unforgettable hour-long tour of the archipelago, which is a nature reserve. Daily tours during the summer.


Here you will find both seals, sea eagles, and an extraordinary birdlife. Experience the rich wildlife amidst all the culture.

Several wrecks are marked with buoys, and there is an exciting history of both Russian raids and shipping to the mill.

You will be guided through the wings of history and learn a lot about nature, culture, and life in the archipelago, past and present.

The tour is approximately one hour, and the boat accommodates up to four people. In May and June on weekends at 09:30 and 15:00. Life jackets and binoculars are included.

Read more at https://axmarbruksbod.se/kalenderpost?read=sal-havsornsafari-i-axmar-bruks-skargard-18-05-09-30

Premiere for Seal and Sea Eagle Safari in the unique Archipelago environment of Axmar Bruk.
The premiere for Seal and Sea Eagle Safari with our certified nature guide Jan Stagenmark is scheduled for May 20th. Additional safaris will take place on May 27th (only 2 spots left), June 3rd, and 10th.
Other days upon request.

Don't miss out! Experience the wonderful Archipelago of Axmar Bruk!

Warmly welcome,

Ulrike and Jan

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18 May 09:30


18 May 2024
Seal/sea eagle safari in the Axmar Bruk Archipelago. 18 May 2024 - 09:30
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