Kustremsa med rönnberg i förgrunden och blå himmel med sol vid horisonten.
Havet vid Bönan på en solig sommardag. Liten motorbåt vid pir till höger i bild. Foto Daniel Bernstål.

A weekend by the coast

A warm welcome to enjoy an archipelago weekend near Stockholm! Our rich history and connection to the sea will be constantly present throughout the visit as Gävle invites you to sea-side nature experiences for both body and mind. When the ice melts and the sun warms again, many summer restaurants and islands also open again. You can already find some of them, check that they are open if you visit them now on the edge of spring.

Weekend begins between deep forests and open sea

The weekend begins with nature and cultural experiences close to the sea when you experience parts of the Iron Kingdom's history, smell and taste some of the sea's delicacies and sleep well to recharge for the weekend's upcoming experiences.

Hedenstugan bed and breakfast - the hotel in the country

On the heath between the large forest and the sea lies the house, which has been a unique hotel for a decade and for over 150 years housed a number of different businesses. The historic building has been carefully renovated to maintain the original details. Here you live close to several seaside experiences.

Axmar bruk – the iron mill by the sea

Discover wrecks that can be seen from land, wander among the art in the English park, shop locally produced and have a coffee. The Iron Kingdom's grand old lady, Järn-Brita has her own hut. The mill has old traditions to enjoy and new experiences to discover.

Bergman's fisk - from sea to table on the headland in Saltharsfjärden

Oh, talk about tradition, Bergman's fisk is today among the 7th generation of fishermen! At the far end of the headland, where the farmers had their boathouses at the end of the 19th century, today is the newly built restaurant where you can enjoy good food and drink with a wonderful sea view. Feel the aroma from the smokehouse and buy fresh fish or something else good from the shop close by.

Hike, breathe sea air and enjoy the delicacies of the sea - along the Bönakusten

Wake up, enjoy the silence and a lovely breakfast. Get ready for a day full of activities along the coast that you will enjoy both close to the beach and a little bit from above.

Hike close to the sea along Norrlandet's coastal trail

Pack the lunch bag in the backpack and tie the shoes. Set out along the approx. 15 km trail that stretches between Engeltofta and Marskärsudden and meanders through various natural environments. Experience everything from country manors and fishermen's cottages with boathouses to deep forests and culturally historic buildings. The terrain and accessibility is varied with everything from narrow paths in hilly terrain to wide flat roads. Make detours at beaches and lookouts along the way.

Huseliiharen – Gefle Sailing Society's home port

Fill up on energy during the journey along the coastline. Enjoy a menu that flirts with the sea at the clubhouse restaurant on the small peninsula. The sailboats are either lined up at the piers or seen glimpsed on the sun-glittered sea.
Psst!... The name probably comes from Nils Huselius who in the 18th century lived on "haren", an old name for a small island. Through land raising, it was united with the mainland.

Gråberget - magical view out over the sea

Hike out on the open rocks and outcrops, enjoy the peculiar environment and magnificent view in the place between the old fishing villages of Bönan and Utvalnäs. The fact that Gråberget was a military protection area until 1997 has strongly contributed to the area retaining high natural values and to the fact that it has not been built up to the extent of the rest of the coastline.

Skärgårdkrogen Utvalnäs – neighbor with boat house and sea buckthorn

Step into the premises that formerly housed the fish smokehouse and enjoy the sea view and a magnificent archipelago environment as you enjoy the food, which consists of fish and Swedish flavors. Here in the old fishing village of Utvalnäs, much of the old settlement has been preserved. Settlement has existed since the 17th century and fishermen came here in the early 19th century.
Melt the dining experience by walking out among the sea buckthorn that grows on the sea's edge.

Engeltofta Sea Lodge Hotel - stay next door to the magnificent wholesaler's villa

Sum up all the impressions from today's experiences and enjoy the sea view from one of the room's patios here on the northern shore of Gävle Bay. Take a dip in the sea or the pool, or by the way you don't have to choose, enjoy both on site.
When the time comes, you will sleep well after the day's exertions and all the impressions.
Next door, the elegant villa Engeltofta, was built as early as 1882.

Go out and enjoy the sea - archipelago tour out into the Gulf of Gävle

Good morning! After a good night's sleep, it's time to go out to sea and experience Gävle's coast from a different perspective. The voyage goes to one of the largest islands in the archipelago in the bay and, as a conclusion, a dinner in Gävle's southernmost bay.

Explore the summer paradise Limön - idyllic archipelago island

Take the Limö boat from the stop at Engeltofta, go out on the sun deck and enjoy an unforgettable view of the Gävle archipelago on the way out towards Limön and Furuvik. Out on Limön, you can swim, fish, grill at rest areas, hike the nature trail or see the old and new lighthouses. For those who fancy a coffee, there is a café on the island during the summer. There are also rental cabins to book on the island.

Furuvik's seafood restaurant

Maybe you take the tour boat from Limön or come overland to the southernmost of Gävle's bays. Here, with the sea as a neighbour, you can enjoy dinner and at the same time enjoy a magnificent view of the bay out towards the fairway. Close to nature and with the sea as a backdrop, Furuvik Havskrog is located in a beautiful location, just outside Furuviksparken, in Gävle's southern archipelago.