Två utförsåkare i Kungsberget.

Sports holiday weekend

Imagine sparkling winter landscapes, rosy cheeks, juicy oranges and hot chocolate. After a short journey from Stockholm and Mälardalen, you have arrived in Gävle, which has served up with a lot of different sports holiday activities! Start or end your sports holiday with us.

Start the Sports holiday weekend with a strike!

A warm welcome to Gävle! It is perfect to start the weekend with sports on Friday night. After checking in at the hotel, it's time to put on the right shoes and try out the right weight on the ball and load up for a bowling game and a tasty dinner. Then a good night's sleep before tomorrow's adventure.

Sleep well in a family room at Scandic Gävle Väst

Check-in your luggage and check out the family room that will be your temporary home during your stay. The hotel is perfectly located so that you can easily get around to all activities around Gästrikland.

Bowling and dinner at O'Learys

Start the Friday fun by challenging the family to an exciting bowling match! No matter how well you play, after the match you've earned yourself a proper dinner. Maybe watch a game in the sports bar?

Watch out on the slopes, splash in the water park and dine like a Cowboy!

Good morning! After a good night's sleep and a hearty hotel breakfast, you are ready to tackle all the sports holiday activities on Saturday's programme. Pack ski equipment and swimwear and you're ready!

Enjoy pristine corduroy in Kungsberget

Since you will arrive early and quickly get to the top, the slopes are untouched and waiting. Enjoy a day of pleasant rides. When it's time to recharge your batteries and unbutton your boots, there are several restaurants and cafes to slip into.

Soften up your body with an adventure pool at Parkbadet

After a few hours on the slopes, it can be nice to soften the body with a bath. Alternate playing in the adventure part with enjoying the sauna or you can swim a few lengths in the swimming pool next door. Did you know that it is at Parkbadet that the children's favorite Mamma Moo bathes?

The Wild West in the middle of Gävle! Have a bite at the Church Street Saloon.

Round off the Saturday at the cowboy-inspired restaurant, where you can throw the peanut shells directly on the floor. It's naughty, we know! There are also dishes with flavors and aromas from North America, country music and maximum desserts.

End your sports holiday weekend in Gävle with trampolines and pirouettes

Good morning beautiful Sunday! Today there are even more fun sports holiday activities on the menu. Adrenaline-filled hours indoors as well as a few hours on ice, outdoors in the middle of town as the end of your sports holiday weekend. Alright, let's go!

Maximize the adrenaline rush in Northern Europe's largest extreme sports arena

Challenge the family with physical activities or find your different favorites. At the DOME Adrenaline Zone, there is something for everyone. The Dome is Northern Europe's largest indoor arena for extreme sports and here you can try everything from trampolines to kick bikes, skateboards and climbing.

Fill up on energy at Trädgår'n so you can cope with more Sports Holiday activities

Here next to the Gavleån river, Gävle is growing fast. Whichever way you look, you see a new skyline emerging. Enjoy good food and fill up on tasty energy at Trädgår'n.

The perfect way to end your sports holiday weekend in Gävle - ice skating at Rådhustorget

Put on your skates and go out on the ice rink in the middle of Gävle: Our own version of the Rockefeller Center one invites you to ice dance or maybe do the occasional pirouette. However you choose it, enjoy the surroundings here next to the beautiful Town Hall as the end of your Sports holiday weekend in Gävle.