Mysigt med Gävlebocken under en julweekend

Weekend with kids in Gävle


5 pm

Check in at Clarion Hotel Winn - put on your bathing suits and go straight to the relaxation area to enjoy the pool. 

6 pm

Cowboy dinner at Church Street Saloon

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10 am

Enjoy yourselves in Furuviksparken. Book your tickets in advance!

6 pm

Dinner at Furuvik Havskrog

Klockan 19:00

Cowboymiddag på Church Street Saloon

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10 am

Challenge the family at Dome Adrenaline Zone

1 pm

Enjoy a Swedish fika at Bodin's Pastry Shop

5 pm

Until next time!

Please travel sustainably

Klockan 13:00

Dome adrenaline zone

Klockan 17:00

Tack och bock!

Glöm inte att vinka hejdå till Gävlebocken!

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