Fin julbelysning Rådhustorget i Gävle - Foto Daniel Bernstål

Christmas weekend

Christmas begins in Gävle! Here are suggestions for weekend activities ...


3 pm

Check-in Elite Grand Hotel. There is a relaxation area with whirlpool, sauna and gym.

7 pm

Christmas dinner at Elite Grand Hotel

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10 am

Visit the Gävle Goat and shop for Christmas presents in Gävle

12 am

Enjoy a warming soup lunch at Epi

2 pm

Visit the Prison Museum

4 pm

Take a cozy walk in town

pm 7

Dinner at TAK sky bar

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Mysig promenad i Gamla Gefle


10 am

Challenge the family at Dome Adrenaline Zone

1 pm

Enjoy a Swedish fika at Bodin's Pastry Shop

5 pm

Until next time!

Please travel sustainably

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