Tre personer njuter i solen en vinterdag

Winter weekend in Gävle - mix snowy activities with relaxation

Bring your friends, travel the short way from Stockholm for a weekend here with us in Gävle filled with winter adventures out in our beautiful nature wearing winter gear. Here you experience forests, lakes and sea interspersed with the pulse of the city.

Cozy winter tips start the weekend

Welcome to Gävle and Gästrikland! Round off the week by starting the weekend and your visit with a ride on the cross-country track before you check into the hotel, have a good dinner and make plans for all the weekend's adventures.

Icing, fresh and magical! Cross-country skiing at the Högbo ski arena

Whether you are training for all the variants of the Vasaloppet or not, here at the official Vasaloppet center there are snow-sure tracks from early autumn and throughout the winter. Bring your own skis or rent them on site.

Sleep well at Clarion Hotel Winn all your winter weekend

Here you live in the middle of Gävle, in one of the city's larger hotels, a stone's throw from Stortorget and within walking distance of the city's offerings.

Le Bôn, socialize and enjoy the good

Walk out of the hotel, across the main square and through town. A bit further to the south you will find the restaurant, which directly translated into Swedish means 'The good'. Step into the French neighborhood pub and start the evening with a nice hangout at the bar.

Alpine winter experiences, relaxing spa feeling and dinner as après ski

What a Saturday treat for body and soul you are invited to this Saturday. Start the day with a delicious hotel breakfast before getting ready for a day in and around the slopes. Then enjoy that the hotel offers recovery in the sauna before the evening dinner in the company of good friends.

Winter adventure awaits you - Full day in Kungsberget

When you are there early and quickly up to the top, the slopes are untouched and waiting. Enjoy a day of pleasant rides. When it's time to recharge your batteries and unbutton your boots, there are several restaurants and cafes to slip into. Enjoy outside or inside by the crackling fire, perhaps with a steaming hot chocolate topped with cream.

Relax in the hotel's spa

When you're back at the hotel, your cheeks are pleasantly rosy and your legs tender. What would be better than using the hotel's sauna and pool. Soften up the body, sum up the day's adventures and recharge for the evening.

Dinner at the 'friend' who is inspired by Italy, Ll´Amice

Start the evening with dinner together with your friends at the restaurant which can be translated as Friend and the Table of Life. Here, we want you to feel an inviting and timeless environment and enjoy the menu's popular classics that smell of Naples.

End your winter weekend with long-distance skating and winter swimming

Enjoy a long Sunday breakfast and get ready to spend the day on and in the water. The first of the day's activities will be a lovely long-distance skating tour on Storsjön and then to finish off your weekend; winter swimming and sauna by the sea before dinner in one of Gävle's bays.

Cross-country skating on Storsjön

Step out onto Storsjön's ice and experience kilometer after kilometer of skating on natural ice. Choose one of the starting points on the plowed course, or perhaps the entire ice-covered lake lies mirror-like. Choose how far you want to go and make sure the trip is safe.

Cold bath and sauna at Vårvik's sea bath

When you step out onto the pier, you have the sea right next to you and steam from the sauna. Step down the ladder, maybe a hole needs to be knocked in the wake or the sea is open. Enjoy one or more refreshing winter baths, alternate sitting in the heat of the sauna.

Eat at Peters Sjökrog - a nice end to your winter weekend

After the bath, it sits nicely with an energy top-up, then it is perfect to enjoy it in the place next to it. Eat, enjoy and share all the impressions of the weekend you carry with you after a weekend of winter experiences. And then you ask yourself which of Gävle's weekends will be next?