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B&B in 1700's style

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  • Date: 2020-02-29 13:53
  • Area: Ockelbo
Experience primitiv luxury in a cottage with charm on a unik place that vibrates history from different time epoks.
You stay in the double cottage at the homestead and all around, you can see the art of Scandinavian construction technic through a thousand years which also includes a new built stave-church!

The new constructed homestead Oklagård is suited outside Ockelbo and is built by one man only since 1977 (with some help from his wife!)
Feel warmly welcomed to place where you can experience stillness and history and perhaps a little bit of fairytale!

In the double cottage there is a little double room (with space for a baby bed) and a "family room" with two extra beds.

Oklagård is open during summer season for guiding tours and cultural events that you can book certain dates.

Quick facts

  • Forest area