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Mackmyra Bruk

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Mackmyra Bruk is situated along the river Gavleån. The English landscape park with its summer house from 1830´s invites you to a relaxing walks.
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Mackmyra is an iron mill from the 16th century. The merchant Mr Olof Elfbrink bought the Hammer in 1814 and his relatives still own the estate. The present buildings are from early 19th century - a complete village with different workshops, workers lodgings, a mansion with an English park open to the public. A yearly display of sculptures in the park is free of charge.

Golf, Horses and Whisky Distillery
Today there are a number of activities for visitors. In the mill and the hammer the first Swedish Whisky distillery, Mackmyra Svensk Whisky, is housed. Next to the Bruk is situated a 9 hole golf course and a small café. Reservations can be made for tours around the environment on Islandic horses.

Good to know

  • Child friendly
  • Close to nature
  • Forest area
  • Kostnadsfritt