En grupp stillastående långfärdsskridskoåkare i skymning

Long-distance skating - enjoyment of life

Experience the magic of late winter on long-distance skates in Gästrikland! The ice crackles or softly squeaks under your skates as you glide along. Take a moment to relax, feel the sun's rays warming you, and enjoy the contents of your packed lunch. Always carry rescue equipment and stay updated on weather conditions and ice reports. Venture out and explore the beautiful late winter in a safe manner!

The ice is waiting, go out and enjoy

Långfärdsskridskobana på Storsjön en solig vinterdag

Vast expanses

Experience the adventure of springtime by ice skating! Glide over the gleaming ice while the sun shines and enjoy the fresh air and the expansive view. An exciting experience you shouldn't miss!


Vintervit öppet landskap över en infrusen sjö en solig daf med blå himmel

Over Lakes and Through Forests

Skate over three lakes and experience the surrounding nature, a dream for long-distance skaters during late winter. The trail winds through beautiful scenery along lakes and forests. For skating enthusiasts, it offers both excitement and scenic views.


What gives you an energy boost?

Experience the dynamic combination of nature and culture in Gästrikland! Explore forests and lakes, feel the spring air energize you. Enjoy hiking trails and historical sites, experience art and music. Gästrikland is perfect for recharging both body and mind!