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To do in Gävle

Worth every visit! In Gävle, the contrasts provide the strongest experiences, all year round. Powerful journey with long-distance skates or a calm paddling on a mirror-like sea. Choose for yourself between baldness, stillness and curiosity.

Uncover Gävle's iron legacy

Ånglok anländer perrongen

The importance of the railway

Explore the history and experience the evolution of iron through the ages. The museum houses an impressive collection of locomotives and carriages, offering exciting insights into the industry's significance. Embark on a journey through the history of railways and enjoy thrilling discoveries!

Railway museum


Två kanoner ligger vid vattenbrynet

The natural beauty of the iron realm

Explore the lovely nature in Gästrikland, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and fantastic outdoor activities. Enjoy cycling and hiking trails, swimming, and fishing. Discover the nature of Gästrikland! Find your next outdoor adventure with us.

Map to nature


Svartvit foto på en fabrik

The origin of iron

Discover the iron history of Gästrikland! With over 2000 years of iron production, the landscape is filled with historical traces from ironworks, mines, and charcoal pits. Explore blast furnaces and charcoal burning pits, the earliest evidence of iron production.



What do you want to do?


What do you want to do?