Skridskoåkare i skymning

To do in Gävle

Worth every visit! In Gävle, the contrasts provide the strongest experiences, all year round. Powerful journey with long-distance skates or a calm paddling on a mirror-like sea. Choose for yourself between baldness, stillness and curiosity.

Ski paradise Gästrikland

Man sitter vid lägereld vid vatten i skymningen

Cross-country skis

In Högbo, the ski season starts extra early on artificial snow with cross-country skiing tracks for both classic style and skate. When the natural snow comes, we prepare several miles of natural snow trails in the beautiful landscape! Live well, eat well and ski a lot.

Högbo Brukshotell


En person cyklar i skogen

Skis across

In Kungsberget you get to experience fantastic skiing with as many as 25 pistes and 16 lifts to choose from. There is skiing here for young and old, with everything from inviting children's and beginner slopes to breathtaking steeps.



Två kanoter ligger uppdragna vid vattenlinjen

For the whole family

Welcome to Gävle's largest recreation area, a large nature reserve just over three kilometers south of Gävle city centre. Here there is a snow park, ski tracks of various lengths, barbecue areas, rest cabins, a nature trail and Hemlingbystugan with restaurant and café.

Hemlingby recreation area


What do you want to do?


What do you want to do?