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Here you will find most of all concerts, art exhibitions, music and entertainment happening in Gävle and Gästrikland. Not to mention all our sporting events. And our goat inauguration!

The top three events of Christmas

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The Gävle Goat's Inauguration

A warm welcome to the most Christmassy and magical event of the year when the Gävle Goat is traditionally inaugurated on the first Sunday of Advent, which clearly shows that Christmas begins in Gävle! Among other things, the singer Lisa Nilsson will perform during the inauguration.

The Gävle Goat's Inauguration


Darin från Eventim webben

The world's largest gingerbread house?

The artist Erik Olof Wiklund from Alfta visits the Gävleborg County Museum for the second time to build this year's giant gingerbread house. The gingerbread house at the Länsmuseet Gävleborg is an annual exhibition that is an obvious part of Gävle's Christmas tradition!

The world's largest gingerbread house?


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