Axmar Nature Reserve

Axmar Nature Reserve is the largest contiguous archipelago area along the southern Bothnian Sea coast. It is also the largest in Gävleborg County, covering approximately 4,500 hectares. Here, you can hike, birdwatch, barbecue, and also visit the cultural reserve of Axmar Ironworks.

The reserve is most beautiful to visit between April and September. The coast here is flat and rocky. In addition to the coastal area, the reserve also includes many islands, ranging from 400 hectares in size down to the smallest skerries.


In the reserve, you will find two hiking trails. On the mainland, you start from Axmar Ironworks and follow the path "Stig to Vrak" one kilometer northward along the coast. On Kusön Island, there are several beautiful sandy beaches, and you can hike approximately three kilometers along the forest trail between Badviken and Korshamn. It's best to enter Korshamn by a larger boat.

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