Gävlebocken tittar bortåt en fin vinterkväll

The Gävle Goat's press room

Here you will find the latest press releases, nice profile pictures to download. Plus user manual and marketing materials if you want to be friends with the Gävlebokken!

The Committee
Gävle City and Gävle municipality make up the Committee where all decisions regarding the Gävle Goat are made.
The Gävle Goat is a registered trademark and cannot be used without the Committee's permission.

The Gävle Goat's contact details
[email protected] 

Gävle municipality customer service +46 (0)26-17 80 00

You can also follow the goat via Instagram and Twitter and email directly to [email protected].

Official photos

You simply download the images you want to use by clicking on the current image. Then right-click and select "Save image as..."

Don't forget to include the photographer's name when using the image.

Marketing materials

Here you download our marketing material by right-clicking on the image. Select "Save image as..." Here you will also find a user manual.

User manual Christmas begins in Gävle


Julen börjar i Gävle