Högbo Brukshotell restaurang

Högbo Brukshotell


  • Date: 2021-09-21 04:28
  • Area: Högbo
Spa, good food and comfortable beds are a natural part of Högbo Brukshotell but did you know that you can blow your own whiskey glass in Högbo glassworks, try your skills in the iron smithy, shop for Christmas gifts from local artisans, stroll in the mill area, go cross country skiing in both natural and artificially frozen tracks and then relax on Högbo Bruk Spa.

With the menu in hand, we wish you a warm welcome and hope you will find food to your liking. Our ambition is to offer honest and good food and our suppliers and producers must have their heart in what they do. This does not necessary mean that they have ”quality labels” but it means they produce with true spirit. If you eat food produced with love, you will also feel good in your heart.

Just a few reasons to book into the Högbo Brukshotell:
- Björk & Berries fragrance design centre
- Adventure Service for activities
- Johan's smithy
- Högbo Golf Club
- Orange textiles
- Högbo Mill
- Canoeing and bathing in Dammsjön lake
- Jogging trails
- Overland skiing on natural and artificial snow trails
- Mackmyra Swedish Whisky, Sweden's first whisky distillery 20 km from the hotel
- Downhill skiing in Kungsberget