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Paddle, hike, and cycle in cultural landscapes and magnificent nature.
The Pråmleden, a paradise for long-distance ice skating, skiing, and hiking.
The plowed trail over the lakes Edsken, Fullen, and Grycken invites you to a skating tour in the borderland between Gästrikland and Dalarna. As the Pråmleden is an old lake freight route from the 19th century, you'll find proximity to both natural and cultural history.


On the way, between Fullen and Grycken, lies Silfhytteå, home to one of Sweden's northernmost locks. Start at Edskebadet and continue along the 22 km long route to Stjärnsund.

Routes and lengths:
Edsken - Stjärnsund; 22km
Edsken - Börån; 6.5 km
Fullen, Börån to Silfhytteå; 6 km
Circular track around Edsken 3.5 km
Hiking between Edsken and Fullen; 400m

Bring a packed lunch and go for a trip. At Djupudden on Edsken, south of Knupberget on Fullen, and on the island of Mjölnarholmen on Grycken, you'll find shelters and barbecue areas.

When heading out onto the ice, it's good to carry ice picks and take it easy.

More information can be found on the Pråmleden website or can be obtained from Jan-Ola Bergström at 070-53 19 477 and Tommy Lindén at 070-77 08 445.
The plowing of Edsken and Fullen to Silfhytteå is managed by the Road Association Traktorns Vänner in Hofors, and Grycken between Stjärnsund to Silfhytteå is plowed by SAIF, Stjärnsunds General Sports Association.

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