Hemlingbybacken med lift och åkare i backen

Tips for winter experiences in Gävle

Sports holiday activities to do with the whole family. Find things outside or inside during the sports holiday! Gävle has a large selection of activities that you can do together with friends and family. Let yourself be inspired by our tips on food to cook over an open fire and take part in our sports holiday tips on things to do during the holidays.

A holiday with plenty of activities

Barn som åker slalom på Kungsberget

Sports holiday with plenty of activities

Here are some tips for sport holiday activities! Just two hours from Stockholm and Mälardalen.

Sports holiday weekend

En vuxen och ett barn åker vattenrutschbana i full fart

Spors holiday in Gävle

Maximize the sports holiday in Gävle! Visit Swedish Prison Museum, DOME Adrenaline Zone, Kungsberget and more.

The movie

Sports holiday tips for winter activities outside in the fresh air

Ski on the cross-country track or down the slopes. Take a trip with cross-country skates. Maybe you dare to take a winter bath? In Gävle you can do all of this. Go out and enjoy wintry activities and pack a smart lunch bag.

Tip! Make your own hot chocolate. All that is needed is a cup of milk drink of your choice, 2 teaspoons of cocoa and 2 teaspoons of honey. Stir together and heat in a saucepan on the stove.

Maximize the lunch bag - cook your food over an open fire

Pack your lunch bag and go on an adventure. Let old favorites be joined by food you easily cook over an open fire.

Some tips for food that the whole family will appreciate:

- Pinnbröd – a simple dough prepared at home. The dough is wrapped on a stick and grilled over the open fire until nicely colored. Then enjoy with butter, jam or honey.

- Sausage - a "grilled with bread" is a classic. Choose your favorites and enjoy with classic accessories.

- Coal bun – like a pancake with rimmed pork that is fried in a frying pan directly over the fire. Serve with lingonberry jam.

- Marshmallows – Grilled marshmallows are a winner for both young and old. Eat as is or between a couple of biscuits and some milk chocolate.

Enjoy cross-country skating - important to consider

Cross-country skating is a nature experience that offers nature, speed and excitement. But it also requires respect and knowledge. Safety is essential and something you should never skimp on. All skiing takes place at your own risk and responsibility and we recommend that you carefully find out the ice conditions before you go out on the ice and that you have the right equipment with you.

- Bring an ice spike, the skater's sense of touch. It also works as a balance support and help when staking.

- Ice spikes and whistle. Make sure the ice spikes and whistle are high up on the chin so you can easily find them.

- Lifeline that can be thrown both from the wake and from the ice without removing the backpack.

- Please use a helmet.

- Backpack to pack things in, for example a change of clothes. The backpack is the skater's most important buoyancy aid. For best buoyancy, the contents are packed waterproof and it should sit correctly on the back with waist strap, chest strap and crotch strap for when walking through the ice.

- Always carry a mobile phone in a waterproof case.

- Always find out the status of the ice before heading out.

Energetic, exciting and fun indoor activities

Challenge the family or friends to a game of bowling, enjoy a few hours in the cinema darkness, do an obstacle course or relax in the pool. Here we have listed tips for all this and a little more.

Tip! Take the opportunity to bake or cook goodies for the whole family. Perfect to make together and maybe take to eat on various excursions.

Fun events