Vinterbild med snö och rött hus i Gamla Gefle

Christmas starts with a Christmas weekend in Gävle

As obvious as it is time to light the first candle in the Advent candleholder, it is time for the inauguration of the Gävle Goat and the fact that Christmas begins in Gävle this first Advent weekend! A warm welcome to our Christmas city, we are presenting a whole smorgasbord of activities that will fill the whole weekend with heart-warming, festive and action-packed experiences.

Welcome to experience Christmas

Anticipation is in the air. This Friday, the Gavle Goat's beard is combed and the candles are lit in the horns. Take an evening walk past and see him at the new location at Rådhustorget on your way to or from dinner at the evening restaurant. Friday coziness reaches a new level.

Sleep well the whole weekend

Welcome to Gävle! Maybe you'll come by train, in which case you'll walk to Scandic CH in a few minutes, a cozy hotel right next to Gävle Central. Here you live in the center of the action with very short distances to all the weekend's activities.

Enjoy this year's Christmas table

Many Christmas tables are available to enjoy, full of goodies. Traditional and with newer elements. The sea meets the forest and the land. Regardless of how many trips around the Christmas table you traditionally "should" complete, you will enjoy every one of them!

70 kg gingerbread dough, cellfies and game day

Good morning! Welcome to a day filled with nice, joyful, emotional and adrenaline-pumping experiences when Gävle invites you to enjoy the entire range of emotions. We proudly mix culture, culinary arts, history and sport. Everything is prepared and embedded in a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Find the Christmas feeling with the Gingerbread House

You will smell it even before you step into the beautiful building that began construction in 1938, but you won't get to taste it, just be captivated by the fantastic construction of about 70 kg of dough and a lot of pastry. Each year a new gingerbread house is designed.

Capture the important history at Sweden's Prison Museum

Let yourself be touched and moved by history, take part in how people lived in captivity in the past. History comes close and it can be extra nice to hold someone's hand. The old cell prison is also perfect for a "Cellfie". Then go to a cafe, digest the experience and enjoy the freedom.

Glitter and crackling glamor when you enjoy Christmas shows

Saturday night is like a package in front of you, just open and enjoy. Change into the glittery Christmas suit, tie the Christmas tie and have your dancing shoes ready. Get ready to be taken by storm when you choose from a wide range of experiences that will give you goosebumps!

The Gävle Goat's Inauguration - the day is here!

The inauguration day of the Gävle Goat, a Christmas symbol all over the world, is here. It feels so festive, and all day - until it's time - there are lots of activities to build anticipation with. Everything is fun, exciting and 'christmassy'. Let yourself be drawn into the atmosphere.

Christmas markets in and around Gävle

Here, in the land of the Gävle Goat, you can choose from many different Christmas markets. Stroll around and botanize among everything that belongs to Christmas. Enjoy mulled wine and gingerbread flavors on site and buy to take home to enjoy Christmas memories for a long time.

Coffee and goat pastry at Konditori Lido

Step into the historic patisserie on Söderbacken and enjoy the aromas. This is where the idea and the first sketch took shape, on a napkin. We don't know what Stig Gavlén was drinking when he sketched the first Gävle goat, but think about it when you enjoy your own pastry.

Help Santa - Christmas shopping in Gävle

A gift for a loved one or for yourself? A piece of Gävle of your own to put under the tree, a souvenir of your own to enhance the feeling and bring the memories home. Stroll in our stores to find out among our large selection. The Gävle goat is always right to bring home.