A weekend full of sports

Sport weekend for body and soul. A weekend of sports is a great way to relax from everyday life and get some exercise. Whether you love to play sports yourself or are a sports fan who enjoys watching games, there is plenty to do in Gävle and Gästrikland. If you love to play sports yourself, it is an excellent way to stay in shape and get a dose of adrenaline. Moving around helps you to de-stress and feel good. If you watch sports, it is a great way to relax and get a little excitement. Cheering on your favorite team is a really great experience.
Add good food and a little "relaxation" to the mix, and you will have a weekend that you will not soon forget. Eat well and replenish your energy. And after a little relaxation in the sauna, you will soon be ready for the next day. It is important to recover after a day of sports.
So if you are looking for a weekend for body and soul, try a weekend with lots of sports.

Start the best way possible

If you want to start your sports weekend on the best possible foot, it is a good idea to arrive in Gävle early in the day. This will give you time to land, eat well, and maybe play a little bowling. Go to bed early to be ready for the whole weekend.

En man spelar bowling

A fun and sporty night with friends

Watch sports on big screens, play bowling, billiards, shuffleboard, and other games. You can also enjoy good food in a relaxed atmosphere. O'Learys is the perfect place to go if you want to have a fun and sporty night with friends or family.


Inomhus pool

Relax in the hotel's spa

When you're back at the hotel, your cheeks are pleasantly rosy and your legs tender. What would be better than using the hotel's sauna and pool. Soften up the body, sum up the day's adventures and recharge for the evening.

Clarion Hotel Winn

Maximize your day with sports

After a good breakfast where you savor every bite, a little freshly brewed coffee in peace and quiet, you are ready for a day. No matter what you choose to do, you will have a fantastic day. Exercise, excitement, and a wonderful feeling that it is good to be alive.

Byt bort

A day in Högbo with winter activities

Out in nature, no limits! Högbo offers fantastic opportunities for outdoor activities, whether you want to go skiing or skating.Here you can rent all the equipment you need and get help with waxing. Download trail maps and set off on an adventure!


Kockar i köket på Högbo Brukshotell

Enjoy your lunch

The food here is well-prepared and flavorful, and it is served in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The menus are characterized by tradition, innovation, and the best seasonal ingredients. – vegetables from their own greenhouses, respectfully treated animals from Högbo's pastures, and organic choices as far as possible.

Högbo Brukshotell

Publik på en hockeyarena

A hockey game with Brynäs

The feeling of experiencing hockey live in the arena is one of the most exciting feelings there is. It is a feeling of excitement, adrenaline, and community. You hear the crowd, you see the players on the ice and you feel your pulse racing. It is a feeling that is hard to describe in words, but that you just have to experience to understand.

Brynäs IF

Pump up the adrenaline

You wake up on the last day of your sports weekend. You are ready for a day full of adrenaline and excitement. You choose between skiing outdoors or testing Sweden's largest indoor extreme sports arena. Or do you choose both?

Person vilar i skidbacken

Winter adventure awaits you - Full day in the slopes

When you are there early and quickly up to the top, the slopes are untouched and waiting. Enjoy a day of pleasant rides. When it's time to recharge your batteries and unbutton your boots, there are several restaurants and cafes to slip into. Enjoy outside or inside by the crackling fire, perhaps with a steaming hot chocolate topped with cream.


Inomhus klättervägg

Maximize the adrenaline rush in the extreme sports arena

Challenge the family with physical activities or find your different favorites. At the DOME Adrenaline Zone, there is something for everyone. The Dome is Northern Europe's largest indoor arena for extreme sports and here you can try everything from trampolines to kick bikes, skateboards and climbing.

Dome Adrenaline Zone