Den runda byggnaden Gävle konserthus med vatten och statyerna Milles änglar i förgrunden en höstdag.

Gävle Concert Hall

The concert hall is the venue for widely different musical experiences - from Mongolian choir singers via the Gävle Symphony Orchestra to choral music and rock bands. The concert hall also has conference facilities, a café, bars and a restaurant. Gävle Concert Hall was inaugurated in January 1998 and was designed by the architect Bo Karlberg. The concert hall is located on the site where the Strömbadet bathhouse used to be, and before that Rettig's children's home.

A masterpiece

gevaliasalen Gävle konserthus - Foto Gävle konserthus


The Gevaliasalen is based on a concept that deviates to a large extent from the old classic long narrow shoe box shape. It is elliptical and has a generous, full and warm sound.

A big advantage of the hall is that it offers great flexibility and great opportunities to fine-tune the acoustics. The reflective screen ceiling over the stage can be very easily repositioned, but also relatively easy to change. The ceiling is designed so that part of the sound leaks up between the reflectors and contributes to the sound. The reflective part increases clarity and audibility for both audience and musicians on stage. The possibility of varying the reverberation is made with the help of textiles that can be lowered or pulled forward.

The hall works very well for both symphonic and popular music.

konserthuset - Foto Gävle Konserthus


The nature around Gävle Konserthus had a great influence and was a source of inspiration for the architect Bo Karlberg.

The house is located by Gavleån's rapids and the facade is clad in shiny deep blue tiles. Under a large canopy roof, the visitor is welcomed by a rolled out granite carpet. The interior walls and floor look the same but in reality the floor is white finely cut Greek limestone while the walls consist of colored concrete elements. The white color and the beautiful materials are the basis of the house's austere interior elegance. The foyer extends into a gallery corridor with ticket office, cloakroom and the smaller concert hall, the Bo Linde hall. In the background are two large bay windows facing Gavleån and Stadsträdgården. At the far end of the building is the restaurant and the large concert hall, the Gevalia Hall.

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