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Stig Gavlén

The goat's oldest friends

It was at Café Lido that the story of the Gävlebocken - the world's largest and most famous straw goat - began. Meet the creator Stig Gavlén and the frame builders who already built the very first example in 1966.

Meet Stig Gavlén


Gävlebockens fans

Gävlebocken's fans

"We're in the land of Christmas". John, Aileen, Mary-Anne and Tim belong to the large group of admirers who follow the Gävlebock via the webcam every year. Last year they all traveled a long way from the US to experience the Gävlebocken and celebrate Christmas.

Meet the fans

VIP Fest Bocken - Vimeo

Vip party - The Gävle Goat

The gävlebock's loved ones gather for the 50th anniversary celebration of the world's largest and most famous straw goat. We celebrate our superstar and get a chance to share this with our friends. The gable creates memories that last forever.


Backa bocken - Vimeo

Stand the goat

The goat is important, it would be great if it could remain. We have a webcam and as long as the check is in place, it broadcasts all over the world. But when the check is not standing, the webcam is turned off. Yes, this is what some voices sound like.

Stand the goat

This is how Gävlebocken is built - see the videos

By hand, straw by straw is added together, turning a wooden skeleton into a golden-yellow Christmas goat. Follow the construction from 12,000 knots and 1,200 running meters of timber to a stately straw goat that has become a Christmas symbol all over the world.

A series in three parts.