Gefle IF

Fotbollsarenan Gavlevallen med en grön tom gräsmatta, publik på läktaren och blå himmel

Oh oh oh, hello sky blue!

A warm welcome to enjoy national elite soccer on both the women's and men's side! During the 2023 season, the women's team plays in Division 1 and the men's team in the Superettan. A whole lot of high-class football awaits, Gefle IF Football's home arena - Gavlevallen!

Feel free to practice beforehand and be sure to clap and sing along with the supporter club Carrickläktaren:

Sky blue, sky blue, sky blue, sky blue, sky blue
We are Gefle, sky blue, we are Norrland's best team.

Football and more since 1882

Did you know that there is not a single association in the Superettan that is older than Gefle IF? There is none in the Allsvenskan either. Gefle IF was founded in 1882 and is Sweden's oldest sports association. Football started with competing for the Swedish championship title in 1898.

Gavlevallen, which is today's home ground, was inaugurated in 2015. Then an investment in a brand new women's team was started. It was an immediate series victory and promotion to division 2.

Practical information

Capacity: 6,432 people, then it's full.

Toilets: Women's and men's toilets are on the short side at entrance 2 and entrance 3. Handicap toilets are in both corners on the long side at the players' entrance, at the Gefle IF office, and at entrance 2. Additional toilets are inside at the entrance to the Gavlerinken.

Kiosks: There are five kiosks in Gavlevallen. One on the short side towards Gavlerinken and two on the other short side (between entrance 2 and 3) and two on the long side by the player entrance and Gefle IF office

Food: Welcome to Torget, which is located between Gavlevallen and Gavlerinken.

Security: Medical personnel are in the corner between the players' entrance and the short side towards the Gavlerinke. There are also defibrillators.

Parking: Parking for a fee is available in the Gavlehov area.

Buses:  Line 3 goes past Gavlevallen.

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