staty står mitt i rummet med tavlor på väggarna

Cultural weekend in Gävle

Are you looking for a cultural weekend filled with history, art, and good food? Then a trip to a bruksort is a perfect option. Here you will often find well-preserved industrial environments, interesting museums, and a rich cultural life. This is just a suggestion, of course. You can customize your weekend to your own interests and preferences. But no matter what you choose to do, you are guaranteed to have a culturally filled and inspiring weekend.

A great start

A great way to start a cultural weekend in Gävle is to enjoy a delicious meal and a fine whisky in a beautiful setting overlooking the Gävle River. Afterwards, you can visit the distillery and learn more about the whisky-making process. Now you have the power and energy to explore Gävle. End the day with a good night's sleep.

God mat fint upplagt

Unique taste experiences

Enjoy a delicious meal and a fine whisky. The menu is based on a symbiosis between food and drink, with a focus on flavor combinations. The restaurant is located in Mackmyra Whiskyby, a beautiful setting overlooking the Gävle River. Here you can also visit the distillery and learn more about the whisky-making process.

Mackmyra Bar & Bistro

Höstsol lyser på stor herrgårdsliknande byggnad

Explore Gävle on your own

Gävle is a beautiful city with a lot to offer visitors. Here you will find everything from historical sights to modern attractions. A self-guided walking tour is a perfect way to explore the city and experience it on your own time. No matter what you are interested in, you will find something to see and do in Gävle. So pack comfortable shoes and set off on an adventure!

City walking tour

Ståtlig byggnad framför Gavleån

Sleep Well

In this magnificent building from 1901, next to Gävle Central Station, lies this beautiful hotel. Here you will find a unique environment where grand building art meets modern trends and a beautiful restaurant and bar. Here you will enjoy a good night's sleep and delicious hotel breakfasts.

Elite Grand Hotel

Historical Wings

Now is the time to discover and explore old and historic places that captivate. No matter what you choose to do, you will have an inspiring Saturday in Gävle and Gästrikland.

Fina gamla byggnader av trä längs en gågata

Start your day with a morning walk

A morning walk in Gamla Gefle is a great way to start your day. The charming district with its cobblestone streets and beautiful wooden houses is made for strolling around. When you're done with your walk, you can enjoy a coffee and pastry at one of the many cafes. No matter how you choose to explore Gamla Gefle, you're guaranteed a great start to your day

Gefle old town

Em person med en vid mask av tyg över huvudet

A captivating experience

Let yourself be touched and outraged by history, and learn how people lived in captivity in the past. The history comes close, and it can be extra nice to hold someone by the hand. The old cell prison is also perfect for a "Cellfie". Then take a walk to a café, let your experience sink in, and feel grateful for the Christmas spirit.

Swedish Prison Museum

Gysinge Bruk vid vattnet från ovan

Experience the History of Ironworks

In the Iron Kingdom of Gästrikland, you can experience Swedish history and culture in one place. The well-preserved ironworks from the 17th century offers exhibitions and adventures in nature. Discover the ironworks environment with its manor, forge, and much more. Learn about the history of the Walloons and how iron was made in the past. Take a walk in the beautiful nature or try one of the many activities offered, such as canoeing, fishing, or mushroom picking.

Gysinge Bruk

Art That Inspires

A long weekend is over, and it's time to unwind. But what is the best way to end a weekend? According to us, it is to visit an art exhibition. Relax and enjoy beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. It can also be a way to learn something new. Sure, sometimes art can be hard to understand. But that's what makes it so great. Art can make you think and reflect. It can make you see the world in a new way.

Stor tegelbyggnad inbäddad bland gröna träd

One of Sweden's Finest Art Collections

Step into the beautiful building that began construction in 1938. A box with a bit of a time capsule was also walled into the foundation of the eastern wing at the same time. Visit any of the many exhibitions, see the glasses that are served in the Blue Hall at the Nobel Prize ceremony. Just to mention a few things. What will be your favorite?! Can you even choose just one!

The County Museum of Gävleborg

En dam betraktar en tavla

A Place for Meetings

At Gävle Konstcentrum, the audience is met with contemporary art that is based on an idea-based approach. The works of art create opportunities for critical reflection on the time and society in which we live. The art hall shows about five temporary exhibitions per year with artists from all over the world.

Gävle Konstcentrum