Personer som åker en slänggunga / karusell en fin dag med blå himmel

A Playful Weekend for Kids in Gävle

With excitement in the air, family-friendly adventures, and an abundance of children's activities, Gävle is the perfect destination for families seeking thrills and joy! Take a short journey from Stockholm for a vacation full of memories for the whole family. Get ready for a holiday packed with excitement or a much-needed break from the everyday routine.

Arrival in style to kickstart the weekend

Welcome warmly to Gävle and the beginning of an amazing weekend with the whole family! Let's start with a magnificent train journey setting the tone for the adventures ahead. Afterwards, it's time for a cozy Friday dinner where you can enjoy good food and lovely company. This will mark the beginning of a weekend filled with memories and joy for all of you!

Ånglok anländer perrong med stins väntande

On rails or off track

When you arrive in Gävle and the itch for adventure sets in, why not dive straight into the exciting world of trains? In the summer of 2024, the Railway Museum reopens with lots of fun and exciting things to explore and discover. There's something for the whole family to enjoy and create their own favorite memories! So – all aboard!


En glassbomb upplagd på en blåvit tallrik med en amerikansk flagga på toppen

Wild west adventure in Gävle!

Now it's time for a cozy Friday dinner cowboy-style! If you arrive on horseback, you can tie it up outside the entrance. Take your seats and experience an authentic western atmosphere. You can even throw peanut shells on the floor! Forget the rules and let yourself be swept away by the wild west atmosphere! A real experience for all little adventurers!

Church Street Saloon

Inomhuspool på ett hotell

Sleep tight after a swim

Take an evening stroll across Stortorget and step into the hotel. Before you crawl into bed for the night, why not prolong the wonderful feeling with a refreshing dip in the hotel's pool? A concluding activity that guarantees you'll sleep even better and dream of all the adventures tomorrow holds.

Clarion Hotell Winn

Excitement and adventures await

Good morning! Hope you've had a really good night's sleep and are starting the day with renewed energy! After enjoying a delicious hotel breakfast and planning the day ahead, it's time to embark on another exciting adventure. Today, head southeast where a day filled with activities and experiences by the sea awaits.

Barn åker karusell i luften med göra träd och blå himmel i bakgrunden

Carousel thrills, cotton candy and animal ancounters

Get ready for an adventurous day as you step into the park. Several unique and exciting attractions await! Try Sweden's only interactive dark ride, a roller coaster that takes you forward and backward through exciting scenes. Or why not experience the adrenaline rush as you're whirled around in 360-degree loops high above the ground? This is a day you won't soon forget!


Utsikt genom stora fönster mot havet en fin dag

Panoramic dinner view

After an exciting day at the amusement park, it's time to sit down and relive the day's adventures over a good dinner. At the table here at the neighbor's, overlooking Furuviken at the quayside, the open sea stretches all the way to Finland. A fantastic view to enjoy while taking a moment of rest and tranquility after the day's impressions.

Furuviks havskrog

Stilla och folktom sandstrand

Evening swim where the Dalälven meets the sea

When you're full and satisfied, it's time for another experience - a refreshing dip in the sea as a perfect end to the day! The long sandy beach invites you to play and run. Billudden rises slowly like a dragon's ridge from the blue water. Thanks to the constant uplift, new land emerges and along the "fresh" beaches, Europe's largest stand of sea buckthorn flourishes.

Rullsands havsbad

Anything but a sunday stroll!

On Sunday, a packed schedule of action-packed adventures awaits, requiring a hefty energy boost. Regardless of skill level, everyone will be able to challenge themselves and create unforgettable memories together. It will be a thrilling end to the weekend that will get the adrenaline pumping!

Inomhusarena med kättervägar

Maximize the adrenaline rush

Start your day in the impressive 6,000 square meter arena full of exciting challenges! Explore and find your favorites; there's something for everyone here at Europe's largest indoor extreme sports arena. You can try everything from trampolines to kickbikes, skateboarding, and climbing. This is the place where adventure awaits around every corner!

DOME Adrenaline Zone

Bullar upplagd på ett fat

Indulge in Delicious Treats!

Oh boy, the ice cream comes in abundance and it's perfect for a break and refueling between activities. As the name suggests, the ice cream café is located right in the heart of Kungsgården. It's sure to be difficult to choose because there are so many delicious and imaginative creations with names like "Crunchy raspberry dream" or "Back to the 80s," just to name a few.

Mitt i Gårn

Barn och vuxen man klättar på gångbro bland trädtopparna

Climbing adventure among the treetops

Whether you prefer the excitement from ground level or high up in the air, you'll feel the excitement in your stomach as you create your own adventure! Climb through nets, balance on seesaws, crawl through tunnels, and zip-line! Here awaits an experience that will make your hearts beat a little faster and your smiles shine brighter!

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