Gågata mitt i City juletid

Go shopping in Gävle!

Welcome to the shopping city of Gävle, which with its short distance to Stockholm and the varied selection offers a quieter alternative when you want to enjoy your shopping.

Here you can choose between shopping locally in the middle of Gävle city and strolling around the pedestrian streets or you can choose one of our trading places a little outside the city. Or by the way, with the short distances, you will easily be able to enjoy them all in one shopping day!

City shopping in the city center or all in one place at one of Gävle's trading places

Choose from unique, local merchants or nationally known chains. Top off your shopping trip by enjoying energizing coffee breaks or proper food stops.
Here you will find more information about Gävle's largest shopping centers Gävle City, Hemlingby shopping center and Valbo shopping center and shopping city.

Gågata i Gävle City  en vinterkväll

Right in the city

Stortorget is the place for a lot of events and there you will find our two Malls, Gallerian Nian and Flanör. At Stortorget, there are daily market traders who sell everything from flowers to handicrafts

Gävle City

Entrén till Valbo köpcentrum

Shopping center

One mile west of Gävle is Valbo Köpcentrum and Valbo Köpstad, one of Norrland's largest shopping areas. Here you shop comfortably and have access to nearly 60 shops and restaurants.

Valbo shopping centre

Entre till ett köpcentrum med belysta prydnadsrenar utanför en kväll inför jul

Shopping, easy by bus

Hemlingby shopping center just outside Gävle is the city's second largest shopping center after Valbo and has grown in recent years to become one of Gävle's obvious shopping centers.

Hemlingby shopping centre

We recommend Gävle's local shopping gems worth a detour

Discover a new favorite or return to a familiar one. Here we list a selection of local ones, some are close to the city and others are well worth a detour.

Sustainable shopping when you choose second hand

Let someone else's old favorite become your new one when you shop both climate smartly and economically. Here in the Gävle region there is a solid selection of vintage shopping, second-hand shops, antique shops and flea markets.