Havet vid Bönan på en solig sommardag. Liten motorbåt vid pir till höger i bild. Foto Daniel Bernstål.
Kustremsa med rönnberg i förgrunden och blå himmel med sol vid horisonten.

Archipelago Weekend – Experience Gävle’s coast

A warm welcome to enjoy an archipelago weekend near Stockholm! Our rich history and connection to the sea will be constantly present throughout your visit as Gävle invites you to coastal nature experiences for both body and mind.

Weekend begins amidst deep forests and open seas

The weekend kicks off with coastal nature and cultural experiences, exploring parts of the Iron Kingdom's history. Immerse yourself in the scents and flavors of the sea's delicacies, sleep well to recharge for the upcoming weekend adventures.

Fint uppdukat med mat

Sleep tight

Located between the vast forest and the sea lies a house that has been a unique hotel for a decade, housing various activities for over 150 years. The historic building has been carefully renovated to preserve its original details. Here, you'll reside close to several seaside experiences.

Hedenstugan Bed & Breakfast Hotell

Bruket Hyttan tornar upp sig i en skogsglänta

Discover the Ironworks

Discover shipwrecks visible from the shore, wander through art in the English park, purchase locally-produced goods, and enjoy a break. The Iron Kingdom's grand old lady, Järn-Brita, has her own cabin. The mill has ancient origins to enjoy and new experiences to discover.

Axmar bruk

Veranda med launchgrupp och utsikt mot havet

Directly from sea to table

Oh, talk about tradition! Bergman's fish is currently in its 7th generation of fishermen!. Enjoy delicious food and drinks with a wonderful sea view. Experience the aroma from the smokehouse and purchase fresh fish or other goodies from the nearby store.

Bergmans fisk

Hike and breathe seaside air

Wake up, enjoy the silence, and have a delightful breakfast. Get ready for a day filled with activities along the coast that you'll enjoy both beachside and slightly from above

Stig genom barrskog med utsikt mot havet

Seaside Hike

Pack your picnic in your backpack, lace up your shoes, and set out along the trail of approximately 15 km between Engeltofta and Marskärsudden. Experience everything from manor houses and fisherman's huts with boathouses to deep forests and historical buildings. The terrain and accessibility vary from narrow paths in hilly terrain to wide, flat roads. Take detours to beaches and viewpoints along the way. 

The Norrlandet seaside hiking trail

Grön träbyggnad i en skogsglänta

Eat and enjoy

Recharge along the coastline with a menu that flirts with the sea at the restaurant in the club's clubhouse on the small peninsula. Sailboats line the docks or glimpse them on the sun-glittered sea. Psst!... The name likely comes from Nils Huselius, who lived on "haren" in the 1700s, an old name for a small island that, due to land uplift, merged with the mainland. Restaurant Huseliiharen

Restaurant Huseliiharen

Utsikt över havet en solig dag

Hike with a magical view

Step onto the open cliffs and rocks, enjoy the unique environment and magnificent view in the place between the old fishing villages of Böna and Utvalnäs. The fact that Gråberget was a military protected area until 1997 has greatly contributed to the area maintaining high natural values and not being developed to the extent of the rest of the coastline.


En kanal med en förtöjd motorbåt till vänster och en veranda till höger om kanalen

Culinary experience next to sea buckthorn fields

Enter the premises that previously housed the fish smokehouse and enjoy the sea view and a magnificent archipelago environment as you savor food consisting of fish and Swedish flavors. Here in the old fishing village of Utvalnäs, much of the old settlement is preserved. Settlement has existed since the 1600s, and fishermen came here in the early 1800s. Enhance the culinary experience by strolling among the sea buckthorns growing at the water's edge.

Skärgårdskrogen Utvalnäs

Flervåningshus av trä med flera rum och en utomhuspool med utsikt mot havet

Stay near a magnificent merchant villa

Sum up all impressions from today's experiences and enjoy the sea view from one of the room's outdoor spaces here at the northern shore of Gävle Bay. Take a dip in the sea or the pool – or actually, you don't have to choose, enjoy both on-site. When it's time, you'll sleep well after today's efforts and all the impressions. Oh, and the neighbor next door, the elegant villa Engeltofta, was built in 1882.

Engeltofta, Sea Lodge Hotell

Enjoy river and sea

Good morning! After a good night's sleep, head to the central parts of Gävle to experience the coast from a different perspective. By calmly traveling on Gavleån towards the Baltic Sea and concluding with dinner in Gävle's southernmost bay.

Fören på en kajak i vattenlinjen

Glide and experience Gävle from the water

Stroll along Gavleån, which gently flows towards the sea. On the south side of the river, at Södra Skeppsbron, you can easily rent both SUP & kayak. Take a tour in the city center. Kayaking and SUP are peaceful and fun activities, perfect as an introduction on Sunday. If you're a beginner, it's easy to test in the nearby Alderholmskanalen, close to docks and piers, or you can paddle out to the sea along the coast.


Restaurang inifrån med utsikt mot havet

Good food and beautiful views

Round off your Archipelago Weekend by dining right next to Gävle's southernmost bays. Here, with the sea as your neighbor, you can enjoy dinner while taking in a magnificent view of the bay towards the fairway. Close to nature and with the sea as a backdrop, Furuvik Havskrog is situated in a beautiful spot just outside Furuvik Park, in Gävle's southern archipelago.

Furuviks havskrog