Gävlebockens invigning, bocken sedd från Södra Kungsgatan

Sustainability at Gävlebock's inauguration

What do we do?

We have chosen to focus extra on areas such as transport, waste and purchasing and more. In practice, this means, among other things, that:

  • Minimize the amount of travel and transportation with vehicles powered by fossil fuels.
  • Locally produced goods and services are chosen when ordering to the greatest extent possible. This reduces the transport distances of these.
  • Minimize the amount of waste and sort the waste that arises correctly according to Gästrike Återvinnares sorting guide.
  • We measure the waste after the event - statistics on the weight and volume of the waste help us follow up the work next year and work to be eco-labelled in the future as well.
  • We think carefully about minimizing unnecessary purchases in connection with the event and reuse the materials we have.
  • As far as possible, the products that are purchased must be locally produced and environmentally sustainable, and we avoid plastic and disposable materials.
  • Any gifts to artists and volunteers are carefully selected based on a local and environmentally sustainable perspective.
  • Newly ordered printed matter about the goat comes from eco-labelled printers, and we avoid documentation in paper form by limiting our program to digital format and advise exhibitors during the weekend to avoid flyers.
  • We serve bottled tap water from Gävle to artists, employees and volunteers instead of ordering bottled water.
  • All electricity used for the event is 100% renewable.

What can you do?

For us, it is also important that our visitors help achieve the environmental criteria. Here are some concrete suggestions for what you as a visitor can help with:

  • Use an environmentally friendly means of transport for the inauguration.
  • Dispose of your waste at the marked sorting stations.
  • Share your own views! Our work on sustainable events is long term and under improvement. Do you have a great idea on how we can continue our work on sustainability? Email us at [email protected].
  • Click here to read more about Gävle municipality's environmental work.

Sustainability policy Gävle Goat's inauguration

The inauguration of the Gävle Goat in Gävle must be a sustainable event. We shall jointly:

  • work sustainably in all dimensions and minimize negative impact on the city's environment
  • use our influence to influence partners, sponsors and suppliers to act sustainably
  • strive for a fossil-free event
  • work to ensure that all purchases are sustainable
  • work actively to keep clean and offer waste sorting
  • serve locally sustainable food as much as possible
  • strive for a high degree of awareness in sustainability issues among staff and officials
  • communicate our sustainability work to visitors and participants
  • have a healthy financial perspective in our decisions
  • work to ensure that all participants and visitors feel welcome