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Cultural experiences for all the senses

The Gasometers, the Concert Hall, and the old industrial foundry in Axmar are three arenas for cultural experiences where both eyes and ears can delight. Visit Gävle City and see the Gävle Goat during the Christmas season, stroll through old Gefle with its cobblestone streets and wooden houses, or experience the authentic industrial environment in Forsbacka and Mackmyra.

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Röd stor tegelbyggnad bland gröna träd

Get inspired and choose a favorite!

Step into the beautiful building that began construction in 1938. A box with a bit of a time capsule was simultaneously bricked into the foundation of the eastern wing. Visit one of the many exhibitions, learn more about how history unfolds here and now. See the glasses designed by world famous glass designers of all times,  Gunnar Syrén, set out in the Blue Hall at the Nobel Banquet—just to mention a few things. What will be your favorite? Can you even choose just one? 

The County Museum of Gävleborg

Ståtliga statyer i förgrunden till en stor rund byggnad på andra sidan Gavleån

An artwork by the water

Gävle Concert Hall was inaugurated in 1998 and was designed by architect Bo Karlberg. The concert hall is located where the Strömbadet bathhouse used to be, and before that, Rettig's orphanage. The building is situated by the rapids of Gavleån, and its facade is clad in glossy deep-blue tiles. Two large bay windows face Gavleån and the City Garden, where Carl Milles' "Five Musician Geniuses," also known as "Milles Angels," play tirelessly in the background.

Gävle Concert Hall

En upplyst gul herrgårdsliknande byggnad framför en fontän en mörk kväll

A yellow praline on Rådhusesplanaden

In 1878, Gävle Theater was completed, inspired by a newly constructed theater in Paris. In accordance with the prevailing architectural ideals of the time, the building took shape based on its function as a theater, with a dome-shaped roof and a distinctive tall structure for the stage. It was built to showcase contemporary performing arts, a tradition that continues today by hosting current performing arts in one of Gävle's most beautiful and historically significant buildings.

Gävle Theater

Historical Signs in Gävle

We showcase the history of Gävle. Since 2009, in collaboration with the Gävleborg County Museum, the Municipality of Gävle has been working on displaying the architectural and cultural history of Gävle. On this page, you'll find the signs with texts and images just as they appear throughout Gävle.