Fint dukat med vinglas underlägg och bestick på en restaurang

The Taste of Gävle 
-Weekend for Foodies

A food weekend is a fantastic opportunity to explore culinary delights and savor delicious food. Gävle offers a bountiful array of flavors to enjoy! Our destination near Stockholm is exceptionally well-suited for a weekend filled with pleasurable experiences through tastes and aromas.

Friday Coziness for Foodies – nice and easy

Welcome to Gävle! A beloved child has many names: food lover, enjoyer of life, gourmet, and connoisseur. Perhaps you answer yes to one or all of these. However you do, we promise you a Friday evening filled with delicious flavors and beautiful settings.

Öppet hotellfönster

Sleep well and digest the taste experiences

In the grand building from 1901, adjacent to Gävle Central Station, lies this beautiful hotel. Here, a unique environment is offered where grand architecture meets modern trends, featuring a beautiful restaurant and bar.

Enjoy your weekend with leisurely mornings and a fantastic hotel breakfast. After checking in at the hotel, it's time to start the Friday evening. A nice walk through Rådhusesplanaden awaits, leading to the evening's restaurant.

Elite Grand Hotel

Kock lägger upp mat på vit tallrik

Crown Princess Couple's Favorite Hangout in Gävle

Step into an open embrace and a second living room for all life enthusiasts and wine lovers. Whether you consider yourself a novice, experienced, or something else entirely, you are equally welcome. The focus is on enjoyment, marked by genuine wine love. Vero is a Latin expression meaning truth. Here, it stands for the true love of food and wine. Without demands and snobbery but with respect for tradition and cultural history. P.S.! Did you know that this White Guide restaurant is Victoria and Daniel's favorite place in Gävle?


"Saturday Sweets" stacked high and ready to be enjoyed

Good morning! Hotel breakfast with a fine view of the Gavle River and the beautiful County Museum is a perfect start to Saturday. The day will be filled with the signs of scents and flavors. Experiences with all senses are promised!

Fåtöljstolar runt ett bord på ett café

Cozy Atmosphere and Lovely Coffee Moments

We suggest a walk from the hotel along the Gavle River, and a bit into the City Garden, where you can turn off and enjoy a coffee stop at Elsa's Coffeeshop. A Swedish, modern interpretation of the European café, inviting and relaxed in a familiar environment. The cafe has a full beverage license.

Elsas Coffeeshop

God mat upplagt i en kastrull

Aroma and Taste – Visit the Distillery

In the 35-meter-high Gravity Distillery in Mackmyra Whisky Village, just nearby Gävle's city center, Swedish single malt whisky is produced. Take part in the adventure and book a guided tour ahead of both the distillery and the fragrant warehouse where thousands of barrels lie maturing – just a stone's throw from the own smokehouse where the scent of juniper and peat is heavy. Mackmyra Bar & Bistro serves whisky-inspired food with a focus on taste experiences.

Mackmyra Bar & Bistro

Upplagd mat och dryck

Do as the White Guide – Enjoy the Best Food

This venerable address has been a neighborhood restaurant since the 1970s. Frida and Johan Flodman, who currently run the restaurant, have a simple and clear food philosophy; to cook with seasonal ingredients from selected producers. Inspired by their travels and visits to several of the world's best restaurants, they have created what they call "Fine Wine." Enjoy outstanding wines from around the world, with a focus on Europe and France.


Fyra skålar med godsaker

Juniper, cucumber, black pepper, and much more

A simple G&T, that's how it started many years ago. Interest in the drink grew into a passion, and together with a love for food and flavors, the concept around the Ginbar eventually developed. With carefully selected ingredients and great love for the craftsmanship practiced in the restaurant, you are warmly welcomed for some relaxed and memorable hours.


Enjoy Seaside Air and Sunday Stroll – Gävle's Food Weekend Approaches the Finale

It's called a nice Sunday. Take the expression to heart and enjoy a delightful day by Gävle's coast. Here, on the Gävle coast by the shore of the Baltic Sea, several food experiences await.

Härligt fat med massor av goda bullar

Coast's Gold in a Pastry – Fika with Bönabullen

In the fishing village of Bönan, there's a cozy café that serves simple and high-quality dishes with flavors based on the current season. Sea buckthorn grows abundantly along the coast, so creating a bun with the tangy berries together with the finest almond paste was a natural choice. In addition, there is always a wide selection of fine buns, treats, and pastries to choose from for your coffee. Take the opportunity to stroll around the surroundings and enjoy the view of the sea.

Böna Café

Altan utomhus med utsikt mot havet en solig vinterdag

Sunday Dinner– Perfect Eat-Well Ending to the Weekend!

In Vårvik's inner archipelago, only ten minutes from the city, is this pleasant restaurant and meeting place for both long-distance sailors and landlubbers. Here, everyone socializes and enjoys without reservations. During the high season, coffee, ice cream, lunch, and dinner are served seven days a week. The menus go hand in hand with the best that the season has to offer, both from the sea and from the land under the slogan "modern classics." A perfect end to the weekend in Gävle this time!

Peters Sjökrog