Man sitter vid lägereld vid vatten i skymningen

Discover nature this autumn!

Gästrikland is one of Sweden's smallest landscapes, but despite that you can find most of it. Here, nature is close with hiking and cycling trails that take you through deep hilly forests, beautiful fields, lakes, varied coastal paths, marshes and mills.

Aha-experiences with every step!

In Gästrikland, the wilderness is close by with fine fishing waters and our five large predators that move in the forests. Along the Guest Trail you will experience some of the more important main ingredients in our country's fauna and flora.

On the 300 kilometer long trail, exciting hiking experiences are interspersed with magical campsites and breathtaking views. Choose a stage length with an experience content that suits you and your party to get the most out of the adventure.

Vacker utsikt från Rönnåsen

Discover the fairy-tale and somewhat mysterious boulder sauce created by the ice sheet tens of thousands of years ago, or take out the bird book and spot one of the hundreds of species you see along the way.

Fields, paddocks, meadows and rocky terrain coexist with hilly woodlands, undulating mountains, moorlands and scattered watercourses. The fantastic nature experiences replace each other and you create the ultimate hike yourself by choosing the route that attracts you the most.

    byt bort

    Keep in mind that ...

    ... pack a big lunch bag with the family's favourites.

    ... put on comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes.

    ... the routes are spread across several municipalities.

    Host of the trail give tips

    Joakim Helmbrant is a trail host who has walked every single meter of the 350 km long Gästrikelen. Here are some of his tips on places you can't miss.

    Ol-larsbergen utanför Ockelbo

    Här möts du av en helt unik formation i naturen och en riktig aha-upplevelse. Vandrar du efter Häståsslingan vid Rönnåsen och gör ett stopp så kan du se hur inlandsisen skapat och format en rund rullstensåsliknande formation.


    A really cool experience is hiking by the Dalälven and through the Färnebofjärdens National Park, where moorland and coniferous forest with a norrland character meet southern deciduous forests with elements of oak and linden. There are over 250 bird species here, and if you're lucky, you can see both wood lemming and lynx.


    A hidden gem is the wind shelter at Hedarna, which is located between Åshammar and Kungsberget. With a really nice pine forest and a natural spring, this is the best place to camp.


    If you're looking for a nice view, go to Mårtens klack between Ockelbo and Medskogsjön or the wind shelter at Knivsås between Stenshyttan and Krattemasugn. You can also take the opportunity to go up to Rönnåsstugan or the fire tower at Häståsen when you are still visiting Ol-larsbergen on Häståsslingan.