Husbilar stående vid väggrenen mot vattet och en hög byggnad på andra sidan

Weekend trip with motorhome in Gävle

What's a summer in Sweden without a weekend trip with a motorhome? Here, we've gathered our best tips for a true Swedish holiday with a motorhome. As a bonus, you'll get to experience some of Sweden's best attractions all in one weekend - they're, of course, in Gävle!

Cozy start with treats experiences by the sea

You've arrived! Most welcome to Gävle! Start the weekend in the destination's northernmost parts. We promise good food and beverage to start with and exciting experiences in beautiful nature and cultural reserves as you gaze out over the sea, or maybe even venture out onto it.

Lila glass I våffla med färgglada godisar

First, a delicious ice cream

Kick off your Friday evening. What better way to start the weekend than by enjoying a locally produced ice cream in the sun after a few hours in the motorhome to get here. Also, take the opportunity to stock up on snacks from the bakery at the same time.

Linas Bageri i Bergby

Stor tegelbyggnad i en glänta i skogen

Ironworks by the sea

Drive into the old ironworks and follow the road down to the sea. Next to the seaside tavern are beautifully natural parking spots. Take a walk among the art in the English park where the grand old lady of Axmar, Iron-Brita, has her own cabin. Buy locally produced goods and enjoy a delicious dinner with the sea as your neighbor.

Axmar bruk

Vrakdelar under ytan

Fascinating underwater world

Take an evening kayak tour and experience the cultural reserve via water. Beneath the surface in the rocky and shallow archipelago lies a whole library of shipwrecks from the ironworks' centuries-old history. Most are shallow and visible from the surface. Keep an eye out and enjoy the tranquil trip.

Axmar Blue Park

Coastal and city buzz for Saturday vibes

After a good night's sleep in your own beds, perhaps a morning swim in the sea, it's time to tackle the day. It will offer more sea, views of lush plains, and finally parts of the city's food and shopping places. All within short distances.

Restaurang med uteservering i motljus

From sea to table at the point in Saltharsfjärden

Talk about tradition, 7th generation fishermen! At the tip of the peninsula where the farmers had their boathouses in the late 1800s stands today's newly built restaurant where you enjoy good food and drink with a wonderful sea view. Smell the aroma and buy fresh fish or other goodies from the shop nearby.

Bergmans fisk

En blå hängmatta

Verdant and delightful for eye and stomach

If the motorhome is lacking a bit of flowers, then you can take the opportunity to buy a bouquet of seasonal flowers or perhaps indulge in some coffee and locally produced treats. Then head out to Valboslätten and immerse yourself in the wide range of lush plants, beautiful items, and delightful flavors.

Växtzon 4

Byt bort

Park for the night and shop in Gävle

Park the motorhome at the spots along Gavleån and get ready for a stroll in town. Shop locally in the heart of Gävle city, wander around, and stop at one of the many outdoor cafes to replenish with food and drink. When you feel done with the day, the motorhome is just a short walk away.

Strolling around

Coffee aroma, cultural and Sunday luxury

Now you're heading towards the finish line, and as concluding activities when you wake up in central Gävle, you can look forward to a day with an informative visit to the area's own museum and a few relaxing hours. All within short walking distance. Go out and enjoy the day!

Husbil vid kajkanten

Extra special in central Gävle

Good morning! With a beautiful view from the motorhome over Gavleån, Gävle's history as a port city is evident. Right across from your spot for the night among the old harbor quarters is also Gevalia's coffee roastery. Maybe you'll catch the aroma, and we also recommend having it in your cups and enjoying the morning coffee a little extra. Perfect start to the day.

Gavleån Parking Spot

Stor tegelbyggnad i flera våningar i en grön oas

Enjoy a cultural visit

Take a short morning walk and step into the beautiful building that began construction in 1938. Visit one of the many exhibitions, learn more about the history happening here, and be amazed to see the glasses set out in the Blue Hall at the Nobel Banquet. Just to mention something. What will be your favorite?! If it's even possible to choose one!


Pool i mitten av ett nedtonat rum inomhus med pelare och gröna växter

Relaxation for body and mind

Step out from the museum and gaze across Gavleån, where the beautiful building stands, built in 1901 in connection with the Gävle Exhibition. After a short walk over the bridge, step inside and experience the house's beautiful interior on the way to a few relaxing hours in the relaxation area. An excellent way to end the weekend and digest all the impressions.

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