Barn på cykel nedför en stig i skogen

Gävle for kids - fun activities to experience together

There are plenty of fun, adventurous, and exciting things to discover in Gävle! Here, you'll find a wide range of activities, time for both play and learning, making the holiday memorable and fun for the whole family. Come and find your favorites!

Explore Gävle – a journey of discovery!

Embark on an exciting family outing and let the adventure begin! Explore the city's secrets and nature's treasures. Solve an exciting city mystery and discover hidden checkpoints in nature. Pack your picnic basket, put on your comfortable shoes, and set out on an adventure in Gävle - discover the world in a new way together with your little adventurers!

Ta bort

Enjoyable exercise with map in hand 

Discover the adventure of orienteering! Explore nature and have fun together. No prior experience or special equipment needed – just outdoor attire and a lot of excitement! Learn about nature while having a blast!

Skoj på hoj

Ta bort

Adventure-filled summer for the family

Discover exciting places and locate checkpoints using a map. Explore the city, parks, and forests at your own pace. Walk, run, bike or find your own way around. Create memories and have fun together!

Hitta ut in Gävle


Find the clues and solve the mystery 

Experience the thrill of a fun walking activity for the whole family! Search for clues, answer questions and solve riddles together. Explore the city for about an hour. Have fun and solve the mystery together!


Energy to keep exploring

Enjoy ice cream  or a  cowboy dinner. Remember to indulge in something super tasty!

Bulle och glass

Cozy café by the sea

Fill up on delicious food made with local ingredients that vary with the seasons. Try the Bönabulle with tangy sea buckthorn and almond paste! And after your meal, there are plenty of tasty pastries to choose from – and yummy ice cream! 

Böna Café

Glassbomb på tallrik

Borrow a hat and feel the atmosphere

Park your horse outside, take a seat at the table, and enjoy genuine Western vibes. You can even toss peanut shells on the floor! Forget the rules and let yourself be swept away by the magic of the Wild West! Perfect for little explorers!

Church Street Salon


Lots of playtime for the children!

Adventure awaits for the whole family! Play in the big playground, swim and enjoy beach life at the river, and challenge your family to a mini golf match. Take a break and refuel at the café or grill at one of the many barbecue areas. There's also a disc golf course and a fantastic nature reserve where you can hunt for Pokémon in one of Sweden's best areas for this. So why wait? Pack your picnic basket and get ready for a day full of fun and adventure.


Minigolfbana, sandstrand och havet

Swimming spots and water play

Surrounded by greenery and beautiful nature, Gävle's swimming spots are perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. Regardless of age or interest, there is something for everyone. From water sports to leisurely beach strolls, there are activities to suit the whole family. Pack your swimwear, sunscreen and a picnic basket and embark on a summer adventure in Gävle that the whole family will love!

Sommaraktiviteter Gävle Camping Engesberg

Pojke på en sparkcykel bakifrån

Come play – things to do for everyone!

Only imagination sets the limits! go for a swing, play in a sandbox or climb on a structure. Feel the excitement in your stomach as you indulge in Gävle Skatepark, next to Jungfruparken. Gävle has plenty of playgrounds, and at Sportoteket you can borrow sports and leisure equipment.

Museum for kids - play and learning

So much excitement to experience! Here await three different museums ready to be discovered by you and your family! Engage in interactive learning and creative exploration of Gästrikland's history. Explore thrilling stories of justice and punishment through authentic prison cells and gripping tales of prisoners. Step aboard steam locomotives and carriages. Travel back in time. Turn a family day into an adventure in learning and curiosity!

Stor röd tegelbyggnad i mitten av grönska

Create and test runic writing

There's plenty to do for the whole family. Step into the studio, create, and let your creativity flow. Go on an adventure, turn learning into play time and learn to write runic script.

The County Museum of Gävleborg

Ånglok ankommer perrong med väntande stins

Exciting Train Adventures 

Summer 2024 marks the reopening of the museum, with loads of fun and exciting things to explore and discover. There's something for everyone in the family! So, all aboard, all aboard!

Railway Museum

Person med vit huva som täcker hela huvudet

The Castle Jail and Cell Prison 

Experience the excitement and explore important parts of our shared history! Here, stories of tough times are told and some parts might feel a little spooky, so it's nice to hold someone's hand sometimes.

Swedish Prison Museum

Animals and nature

Gävle offers a wide range of experiences in and around nature. Here, you can meet fascinating animals and learn more about nature, plants and wildlife. Embark on an adventure, explore and experience the varied landscapes of Gästrikland. Learn and create beautiful memories together.

två djur som sitter och tittar

Visit the animals

Experience a day filled with excitement and learning for the whole family! Explore the fascinating world of animals and learn about endangered species. Take the opportunity to ask our animal caretakers your tricky questions.


Skog i motljus

Nature Trail Adventure  

Hiking through forests, meadows, and over rocks. Discover the play area 'Don't Touch the Ground', perfect for children, as well as picnic areas along the way. Read about nature's history and the riches of the forest on information boards.

Hemlingby recreation area

Kanot ligger på kant mot ett träd vid vattenbryn

Find your next outdoor adventure

Embark on exciting explorations in the magical nature of Gästrikland with the whole family. Discover everything from sea and forests to lakes and mountains. Pack your picnic basket and get ready for your next adventure!


Evenemang för barn