Barn promenerar på en spång

A joy seeker's guide to Gävle

Experience the magical transformation as spring approaches – come and enjoy the fifth season. From melting snow to bursting greenery, the city comes to life. Explore art, music, and local favorites. Let Gävle and the fifth season inspire you to joy and adventure!

Enjoy Nature and Culture

Short distances and proximity to everything make it easy to enjoy a wide range of experiences in Gävle and Gästrikland. Head out to listen to birdsong and take a short cultural stroll. Pack your backpack for a longer day out or indulge in cultural exploration at museums.

Ta bort

Lovely seaside walk

Taking a stroll by the sea during early spring is an enchanting experience. The sun melts away the winter snow, revealing cliffs, beaches and piers. Enjoy the tranquility and feel the warmth of the sun's rays.

The Norrlandet seaside hiking trail

Byggandet längs kajkanten

Cultural for all the senses

Indulge in cultural experiences by visiting art exhibitions, exciting theater performances, taking walks, learning about the city's history,and participating in various cultural events and concerts for an enriching experience.

Cultural in Gävle

Local Favorites

Here are some local favorites that signify the joy of life. Whether it's indulging your taste buds with local delicacies or enjoying musical diversity, there's something for everyone here with us.